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Dr. Dharma about #BLTT2019

Please watch the video below to discover why I am so excited about our line up of speakers at #BLTT19, and what that means to you, yoga therapist/teacher, allied healthcare provider, and [...]

How To Save Years: The Latest News!

Your ARPF has the honor to introduce another incredible keynote speaker joining our Brain Longevity Therapy Training on October 24-27th: Annie Fenn, MD. Dr. Fenn is incredible. She knows a lot [...]

How do You “Heal the Healer”?

Your ARPF is thrilled to announce that the Brain Longevity Symposium will have special sessions called “Healing the Healer,” hosted by world-renown healer Mahan Kirn Kaur. Mahan Kirn is also a [...]

Research Update

Update on FINGER Study The original Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) study, to which ARPF has been a supporter for almost 10 years, has [...]

Research Update

ARPF Research Published in a Neurology Magazine Brain & Life, Neurology for Everyday Living, discussed ARPF’s research on the cognitive benefits of Kirtan Kriya meditation. Below is a snippet [...]

Donor Spotlight

A Portrait in Generosity: Jay Hanan Ten years ago, Jay Hanan made a decision that changed his life. He joined a national health group and read three books on mindfulness that lead him to a world [...]