Brain Longevity® Specialist Spotlight

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Your ARPF is proud to introduce another outstanding Brain Longevity Therapy Training specialist:

Kim Oda, MS, SLP, BLS


Kim began incorporating the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention® and Kirtan Kriya into her profession after becoming a Brain Longevity Specialist. As a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Kim saw how beneficial the 4 Pillars would be for her patients.

Kim said, “I believe that SLPs can reinforce the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention during our therapy sessions. 

  1. Diet and Supplements: although this is not necessarily in our scope of practice, we can quiz our patients/clients on what foods are healthy vs unhealthy during our therapy sessions; a very functional task. 
  2. Physical exercise: again, reinforcing the value of daily exercise as critical to brain health; Speech-Language Pathologists can be the biggest cheerleaders for our Physical and Occupational Therapists! 
  3. Stress management: as an SLP, I offer multiple strategies for managing stress. Stress impacts one’s ability to focus and recall information. So to me, this is a precursor to all therapeutic interventions. 
  4. Spiritual fitness: this plays a huge role in cognitive linguistic skills; being able to communicate a sense of purpose in life with compassion in a social setting. This is the foundation of my therapy sessions. It builds ongoing trust and confidence.”

Kim designed a program for 17 residents at her local senior center using ARPF materials. Kim’s goal was to make the program fun. She set up a multi-sensory environment in a theater and diffused peppermint and lemon oil. She projected slides of beach and mountain scenes and played birds chirping in the background on her speaker. She provided an 8″ piece of very soft jumbo yarn for touch sensory and followed with a mindfulness meditation with a single blueberry to taste. 

Once everyone was in a relaxed state, Kim introduced information about ARPF research with a focus on stress management and Kirtan Kriya. Kim also offered free MCI screens for those that attended. 

“They absolutely loved it! The Director asked me to host a program once a month. I have so much information from BLTT that I’m excited to develop the all sessions. There was interest in further yogic brain activities (I have a whole booklet from ARPF), so that would be one of the next sessions.”

To connect with Kim, click here.


For more information about becoming a certified Brain Longevity Specialist, please visit arpf.com. 

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