Brain Longevity® Specialist Spotlight

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Your ARPF is proud to introduce another outstanding Brain Longevity Therapy Training specialist:

Michelle Forest, RYT, BLS

Based in Douglas, MA, Michelle Forest is a second-grade teacher and yoga teacher who graduated from ARPF’s Brain Longevity Therapy Training in 2021. “This course has inspired me to share the benefits of Kirtan Kriya in my yoga classes at the assisted living community where I volunteer,” Michelle says.

Since June is Brain Awareness Month, Michelle is thrilled to present a two-part workshop about the ways we can work to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The first class is entitled “Yoga for Brain Longevity,” and the second class is entitled, “Yoga and the Four Pillars of Brain Health.”
In both classes, she will lead a gentle yoga class by introducing the multisensory chant of Kirtan Kriya, breathing practice, gentle flow, and discussion at the end of the session. Michelle will distribute ARPF handouts and discuss the 4 Pillars of Prevention®.
“I am looking forward to sharing the exciting research with participants and helping to spread the word of how yoga and the 4 Pillars can protect brain health. The BLTT course was truly transformative, hopeful, and life-changing. Thank you so much, ARPF, for your dedication to humanity, as you continue to help others prevent Alzheimer’s by following the 4 Pillars.”

Michelle teaches chair yoga and Kirtan Kriya at her local senior center.

To connect with Michelle, click here.


For more information about becoming a certified Brain Longevity Specialist, please visit arpf.com. 

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