Thank You to Our Donors: October

 In General, Newsletter, Support Alzheimer's Research and Prevention

A special commemoration for donations made in Memory and in Honor. Your ARPF is humbled to help remember your loved ones.


Thank you to the many anonymous donors whose support has been the foundation of championing Alzheimer’s. 


In Honor Of

The Anjulio Family
Lori Dunn

In Memory Of

Ram Gopal Bhatnagar
Mohit Bhatnagar
Ranabir Dutt
Sue Grace
Deepa Kamath
Milind Kumar

Kathryn “Kathy” Ann Browning
Cynthia & Tony Chadwick

Donna Clack
Samantha Joiner
Justin Valdata

Rosemary Dandeneau
Lisa Ann Aubin
Lorraine Champlin
Jacqueline & Robert Cournoyer
Joyce MacDonald
Debra Mainville

Bettye Nevels Dunaway
Priscilla Herrington

Myrtle Dysart
Priscilla Herrington

Barbara Emerson
Kimberly MacLean

Thomas P. Jennings
Patricia Guszkowski

Ruth Killinger
Robert Mootz

Ann Kuh
Laura Kihlken

John Kevil “Jack” Lau
G.A. & E.J. Granquist

Pauline M. Maurice
Helen Menoche

Judith “Judy” Mulhall
Janet Davidson
Mark Sullivan

Raymond Robertson
Susan Sprenger

Socorro “Cora” Robles
Darlene Carpenter

Patrick “Pat” Gerald Tamm
Julie Funke
David Joseph
Sherene Levert
Gina Meola
Ellen Raugust

Wallace Tyser
Julia Hobbie-Low
The Preserve at Jordan Lake

Robert N. Wales
Brian Wales

Ruby “Lou” Louise Williams
Rodney Williams

John Thurlow Wilson, PhD
Matthew Aronson
Ashlee Edel

Kay Frances Woodburn (nee Speer, Stein)
Russ Santora

Michael “Mike” Terence Woods
The Gillespie Family
The Grab Family 

Jennie Wong
Raymond Wong

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