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ARPF CEO Kirti Khalsa presented Yoga for Brain Longevity at a virtual caregiver wellness retreat last October. Caregiver Wellness Retreat for Caregivers of Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias offers techniques to reduce stress, increase patience, and create an at-home self-care practice for families and professional caregivers. Over 300 people registered to participate in the presentations.

Founder Melissa Smith-Wilkinson created the Instant All Access course to share practical personal wellness and stress-relieving tools that become key strategies in building skills to help people thrive in any situation. She believes that self-care, as the caregiver, is essential to physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Kirti’s presentation was on the neuroscience of yoga. She demonstrated three specific techniques to improve brain power for better memory, concentration, and overall resilience. Melissa said, “Kirti’s segment on yoga and brain health was essential to our weekend. The simplicity of the exercises and the calm which they bring is a testament to how powerful these soothing practices are. And, as a caregiver, to have tools that are easy to do during the course of a busy and stressful day is priceless.”

One of the movements Kirti presented “Self-Nurturing Break” is a simple technique to reduce stress in your eyes. We are excited to offer a F*R*E*E handout that explains this exercise.


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