Report from the first Brain Longevity® Therapy Training:

The In-Person, First Class of Brain Longevity Graduates.,UCLA,October 22,2017.

On Thursday October 19, 2017 the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) launched the inaugural session of the Brain Longevity Therapy Training on the campus of UCLA. The intensive training was the first of its kind–offering participants new science-based knowledge and tools to enhance their practice in the rapidly expanding field of successful aging.

Over the following four days, attendees heard from our esteemed faculty on the vital research being done on ARPF’s 4 Pillars of Prevention. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, founder and President of ARPF spoke to attendees about stress, spiritual fitness and brain longevity. Dr. Helen Lavretsky of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA presented on mind-body medicine and resiliency in aging. Dr. Arti Prasad of the University of Minnesota offered sections on diet and supplements. Dr. Chris Walling served as a coach, facilitator and provided many amazing lectures on the brain, the psychology of longevity and motivational techniques for behavioral change. In addition, attendees interacted with faculty during extensive Q&A periods and over their breaks.

Dr. Lavretsky speaking about ARPF research at UCLA.

The course used a terrific comprehensive manual that was divided in several sections. The first section consisted of 20 chapters regarding the training. The second section was dedicated to instructor notes that help the participants teach the material directly, as their onsite guide. The third section had a complete PowerPoint that the attendees have already been putting to use in their own fields.

Besides these state-of-the-art lectures, we had morning yoga sessions where we practiced and, more importantly, discussed how to teach and work with older adults who had no previous yoga experience. Kirti Khalsa, CEO of ARPF, led these sessions and served as Master of Ceremonies and project manager for the entire training. Finally, Trina Altman, an experienced yoga and Pilates instructor, provided many practical tips to our trainees on how to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls.

Dr. Chris Walling and Kirti Khalsa presenting at UCLA.

Although the training was held on the lush campus of UCLA, we wanted to make it available to others who were unable to travel to California. Thanks to the knowledgeable work of A+Light Picture, we were able to set up Live Streaming for the entire conference and had virtual participants from not only the across the USA, but also from Australia, Germany, Croatia, and Mexico. This setup worked wonderfully and our virtual participants remained involved in the practice and conversation throughout the training.

By the end of 2017 we will have 43 Certified Brain Longevity Specialists.

Of these 43 we have a diversity of professions: Osteopathic Doctor, Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, PhD Student, Yoga Therapist and Yoga Instructor– to name a few. Within just a couple weeks of our training we already know of multiple specialists who are integrating Kirtan Kriya into their professional practices. Moreover, many of our graduates are being asked to talk to local community centers, retirement facilities and specialty yoga classes. We are beyond happy to see the usefulness of the course put into action effective immediately.

Yoga Therapist Kristy Manuel said, “This was an incredible workshop, filled with valuable information and so many resources! Thank you for your work and generosity in helping us succeed in spreading this invaluable information.”

From the attendees’ evaluations we can say with certainty that we exceeded the graduates’ expectations for the first training and our own expectations as well. Many participants said that is was the best training they had ever experienced! We have great plans to grow the Brain Longevity Therapy Training in 2018, so please help us spread the word about this new certification. We are also building a community of graduates who will continue to learn together.

We want to thank all of the phenomenal faculty and ARPF staff who worked on the Brain Longevity Therapy Training, but mostly we want to thank you, our donors and supporters, for believing in our mission and helping us fund this amazing and needed new training.

“All great changes start not from the top, but from the people, infrastructure, small practices and individuals rather than policies and bureaucracy. This is one of those great changes happening. Thank you and it’s been an honor to be the first graduate of this life-changing program.” Flora Wiegers, Life Coach

Learn more about our next Brain Longevity Program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health on March 15-18, 2018



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