The Secret to Meditation

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When it comes to Kirtan Kriya and other forms of meditation, there are four main steps:

1.   Comfort: Choose an easy position with your feet on the floor. You can sit in a chair if you want.

2.   Quiet: Don’t check your phone or be on social media when you’re meditating.

3.   Tool: In Kirtan Kriya, we take meditation to the next level by using a very particular mantra: Saa Taa Naa Maa.

4.   A focused attitude: When other thoughts jump into your mind, you simply return to the mantra. It’s easy.

And that’s the secret.

Don’t worry if your mind goes off in a million directions.

That’s normal.

Just come back to your mantra.

Please join us for our wonderful annual Meditation Challenge.

It was awesome last year and I know it will be exceedingly cool this year as well.

Times are tough. We all need to meditate more.

Bring some peace, tranquility, bliss, and balance into your life.

You’ll love the Meditation Challenge.

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