The Neuroscience of Yoga Bundle Now Available

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As part of the ARPF fundraising initiative, our July webinar set out to explore how yoga helps optimize brain and nervous system function.

In this webinar, our guest speaker Kristine Kaoverii Weber takes participants on a journey through the brain. She discusses the benefits of bringing ‘yoga’s ways of knowing’ into what it means to be a healthy human. Kristine also examines how yoga can be utilized across the continuum of care: from prevention, to treatment, to recovery, to health promotion. Furthermore, participants look at research-based benefits of yoga and discuss specific strategies for using yoga postures to benefit different parts of the brain.

If you would like to watch the recording of the video and receive a PDF of Kristine’s PowerPoint presentation and a link to her free YouTube Class, please purchase The Neuroscience of Yoga Bundle. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s prevention and research.  


The Neuroscience of Yoga covers:

– A look at human health through a yogic lens
– Research-based benefits of yoga for the brain
– Specific yoga practices to benefit different brain areas
– Plus more amazing brain tips and tricks


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