The Brain Longevity Diet

 In General

ARPF has created its own diet based on years of holistic medical practices with a hyper-focus on using lifestyle solutions to combat Alzheimer’s. The Brain Longevity Diet synthesizes and distills all the research and approaches into a clear and easy-to-follow plan based on principles, not pyramids. The following is a snippet from ARPF’s Online Brain Longevity Therapy Training (BLTT).

We don’t believe we need a pyramid to tell us exactly what and when to eat. Each individual has different needs and the intuition to create a diet that’s right for them.

Thus, we feel that what we most need to get on the right dietary track is a basic set of guiding principles– principles that take into consideration not only the need to eat well to keep our bodies and minds healthy, but also the delicate balance between our own health and that of the environment. We need to realize that in order to live a strong, healthy life, we must also pay attention to our spiritual consciousness. Ultimately, if followed, this dietary “prescription” leads to a vibrant body as well as a strong mind and a fit soul.

We call the guidelines the seven principles of yoga nutritional therapy, a reference we hope you as an instructor and/or an Integrative Medicine practitioner will appreciate. Like a yoga practice, the goal of this diet is to help you, your clients and loved ones restore the balance between body, mind, and spirit—while also healing this planet we call home.

To find out more about the seven principles of yoga nutritional therapy and the effects diet has on brain health, join our online Brain Longevity Therapy Training program. 

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