Thank You to Our Donors: July – September 2020

 In General, Newsletter, Support Alzheimer's Research and Prevention

A special commemoration for donations made in Memory and in Honor. Your ARPF is humbled to help remember your loved ones.


Thank you to the many anonymous donors whose support has been the foundation of championing Alzheimer’s. 


In Honor Of

Arla Bernard
Steven Gunderson

Scott Davis & Family
Diana Coruccini

Karen Freifeld
Fred Freifeld

Mary McGrane Joseph
Jane Ellis
Mary & Luke Fuglie
Tara & Krishna Ramachandran
Jessica Wolff

Tara & Krishna Ramachandran’s Wedding
Mary & Luke Fuglie
Jessica Wolff

In Memory Of

Catarina Inzunza Armenta
1021 Creative
Kathy Price

Helen V. Baldonado
Xina Kojzar

Fred D. Bare
Eunice Firebaugh & Family
Patti Mills
Jeff Rock
Richard Rock
Sherri & Rick Rock

Peggy Barrett
Janet & Stephen McSweeney

Norbert Daniel Boyer
Clyde Boyer

Nancy Lou Burns
Lila & Mitchell Ashear
Greg Geller
Letitia & Joe Glowacki
Marilyn Lane

Lawrence Busking

Jean Chan
Rebekah Chow

Carole Edwards
Rachel & Michael Babiarz

Dorothy N. Freeman

Russell Garrison
Joseph Koniszewski

Richard Glander
Bonnie Logan

Marie P. Haney

Mary Sharon Hendricks
Joy & August Eck

Lillian F. Hendrix
Brian Boden

Frances Hightower
Shirley & Robert Thomas

Aloysius William Jones Jr.
Rebecca Higgins
Northwood Academy

Marjorie Kallmeyer
Barb & Dick Hauber

Olga Lange
Lisa Lange

Jon Larkin
Jonathan Barton
Marieceline Barton
Thomas Barton
Jennifer Henkle

Iris Mary Theresa Lewis
Aunt Doll & Family

Paul Lewis
Boston Carnival Village
Mervyn Inniss
Pearl & Cyril Loubon
The Ricketts Sisters
Michael Smith

Nora Love
Kim Algoe
C. Antenucci
Madelon Horwich
LeeAnn & David Lee
Kathy & Ed Swarts
Jerry Ziewitz

Judy Malahy
Tim Floyd

Shirley McClain

Tommy Dale McWhorter
Ashley Budtke
Debbie & Marty Klein
Tommy McWhorter
Katherine & Janet Yount

Joyce N. Monhaut
Marilyn Lewis

Richard P. Monteforte
Gina Newton

Madeline Myrick
Susan L. Jones Cota

Margaret Neitzer
Christopher Napolillo

Marwode Neracker, Jr.
Jeremy Torres
Jesse Torres
Joe Torres
Josh Torres
Mary Torres

Claudia Piper
Dr. Norman Powers, DDS

Rev. James Piper
Dr. Norman Powers, DDS

Dale Howard Scheller
Beth Graham

Jean Carol Scheid

Bob Schneider
Janice Rosenberg
P.V. Players

Anna Marie Ventrella
Patrick Pieroni

William B. Winston
Laura A. Fultz

Larry Wright
Lisa Lange

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