Thank You to Our Donors: December

 In General, Newsletter, Support Alzheimer's Research and Prevention

A special commemoration for donations made in Memory and in Honor. Your ARPF is humbled to help remember your loved ones.


Thank you to the many anonymous donors whose support has been the foundation of championing Alzheimer’s. 

Donate to help Research and Prevent Alzheimer's DiseaseIn Honor Of

Irene Bohlen
Lori Smith

Mary Dean
Sandra Possenti

Elaine Ferrick

The Ferrick Family

His Grammy

David Barry

Helen Magana

Chelsea Magana

Esther Rajner

Lori Smith

Deborah F. A. Silberman

Deborah Silberman

In Memory Of

Dorothy Aubuchon
Richard Aubuchon

Sherry Boese

Deatra Boese

Marvin Gary Burgoyne

Kendra Materasso

Barbara Callioras

Sue Calabrese

Irene Carreiro

Zach Hankin

Rojean Colbath

Alexah Bateman

Lawrence Hall Dailey

Deeva Dailey

Rose DiDomenick


Ida Eslinger

Debra & Vern Hall
Futura Fisheries, Inc.

Haydee Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

Martha & Armando Flores
Mark Flores

Mrs. Font

Michael Wohl

Ally Goodwin

Karen & Travis Webster

Shirley Grayson

Beth & David Wanger

Margaret Haden

Donna Rodriguez

Donald Ray Hansen

Jane Lunney

Delma Harlow

Diane V. Harlow

Gertrud Horstmann

Gudrun Kasperek

Olga Lange

Lisa Lange

Martha Malloy
Polly Morgan

Dot & Bill Owens

Gloria Owens

Mary Payne

Rita Harris

Sylvia Per

Gwen Rosen

Arlene Schuldenfrei

Lori Pollack

Fran Schulte

Peg & Joe Meder

Claude Sowada & Dorothy Sowada

Douglas Spontak

Mary A. Spiritosanto

Louise Kemmer

Opal Sturdavant

Douglas Andrews

Katherine Virginia Harris Taylor

Clarissa MacIntosh

Patricia Urban

Shawn Beckler

Bill Wahr

Michelle Wahr

Theresa Wisowaty

Mary Hatt

Larry Wright

Lisa Lange

Donate to help Research and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

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