How to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Takes Hold

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The real scientific question is whether this junk is the cause of Alzheimer’s or
just an incidental finding. This is because the exact link between amyloid and
memory impairment has not been clearly demonstrated in humans.
What we do know is that one of the primary characteristics of Alzheimer’s
disease is the accumulation and deposition of these possible neuron-damaging
clumps of amyloid protein.

Regardless, what’s crucial to understand is that amyloid deposits in the brain
apparently begin many years prior to the onset of clinical symptoms of
forgetfulness. Two recent advances in neuro-imaging, similar to what’s used in our studies on the 12 minute Yoga
Meditation exercise
at prestigious
now allow us to explore the early, asymptomatic phase
of Alzheimer’s disease.

What was revealed by the study is that
researchers found that a significant number of non-demented folks exhibited
amyloid deposits and abnormal neural activity in key areas of the brain thought
to be
involved in successful memory.

This incredible new information makes it all the more important for you to jump
on the Alzheimer’s Prevention bandwagon and start doing everything possible to
boost your memory power now and save it from going down the tubes later. Here’s how to start. 

Make your brain a top priority with ARPF’s
4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s PreventionTM which

 1.  Diet &
Supplements ―give your brain the nutrients and energy it needs for optimal
functioning and health.
 2.  Exercise ― both
physical and mental exercise prevents and even reverses age-associated
memory loss.
 3.  Stress
Management ― our research shows that meditation is one of the most
effective tools you can use to reduce the chronic stress that leads to
memory loss and Alzheimer’s.
 4.  Medicines ― work
with your doctor to find out if medications and supplemental hormones will
help keep your brain healthy and in top working condition.

Begin today ― it’s never too late to start!

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