Stand Up for Your Memory for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

 In General

Imagine a life without Alzheimer’s. Where your mother, father, loved ones, or you don’t have to worry who will be next. 

Every 68 seconds, someone is diagnosed with this horrible illness and right now more than 5 million people are suffering with it. This number is expected to sky-rocket with the aging of the baby-boomers, if a prevention strategy such as the ARPF 4 Pillars of Prevention is not undertaken. 

Your ARPF is on the forefront of emerging medical research to help you stay mentally sharp as you age and do everything possible for you to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Protect your memory by following the ARPF 4 Pillars of Prevention.

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Join the movement to Stand Up for Your Memory here

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