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Update on FINGER Study

The original Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) study, to which ARPF has been a supporter for almost 10 years, has shown such promising results that it’s now grown into a world wide study. Thanks to your generous support, your ARPF is thrilled to have been one of the pioneer funders of this far-reaching initiative, and to have the founder of FINGER, Miia Kivipelto, M.D., Ph.D., as part of our own Scientific Advisory Council.

This multi-domain intervention model is currently being replicated in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. The studies cover a two-year to twenty-year research period and include thousands of participants from diverse populations.

“The World Wide FINGERS (WW-FINGERS) is an interdisciplinary network to share experiences, harmonise data, and plan joint international initiatives for the prevention of cognitive impairment or dementia.”

The FINGER model focuses on identifying and delivering cost-effective prevention methods, such as nutrition, physical exercise, cognitive training and vascular risk monitoring. Your ARPF has successfully developed an effective lifestyle program, known as the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention®, which mostly coincides with the FINGER approach.

Several factors go into finding a beneficial program that works on such a large scale. It must be accessible, practical, safe and inexpensive for communities with different geographical, economic and cultural settings. A global solution to managing dementia must incorporate integrative approaches. So far, the results of lifestyle interventions have been overwhelmingly positive and participants have been maintaining stronger and healthier minds. As we’ve said before, and will say again: prevention is pivotal in taking control of the global dementia epidemic. The easiest and most effective way to maximize your brain health is by following the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention. To learn more about how you can maintain optimal brain health, visit alzheimersprevention.org.

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