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Five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s, two-thirds of which are women.  Scientists postulate that decreased memory function is caused by changes in hormones and estrogen as a women ages. To put it frankly, women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. But with all things, there is hope. ARPF has found through various research, most recently in the “Remember to Relax” study, that women, specifically, are benefiting from practicing Kirtan Kriya. This means– no matter who you are– there are proven preventative measures that are working in your favor, but especially so for women. 

The “Remember to Relax” study investigated the efficacy and feasibility of a 12-week Kirtan Kriya meditation program against a 12-week relaxation (music listening) program.  The study aimed to collect data on enhancing memory, sleep, mood, and well-being, and reducing stress in sixty adults who were showing signs of early memory loss. After months of screening, interviewing, and follow ups the data was recorded and once again, Kirtan Kriya proved a success! Both groups had improvements in well-being, but the Kirtan Kriya group made greater progress in mood, well-being, and were less stressed. 

So it goes to show: practicing the 4 Pillars of Prevention and taking twelve minutes each day for Kirtan Kriya will decrease stress, enhance memory and keep our minds healthy. 

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