Recap: 2019 Brain Longevity® Therapy Training

 In General

We are filled with gratitude that the 2019 Brain Longevity Therapy Training and Symposium was such a vibrant success. From our renowned board of speakers to our receptive and kind graduates, #BLTT19 was an event that we will remember dearly. The affable Dr. Chris Walling led the training with ARPF CEO Kirti Khalsa at his side. Dr. Walling’s upbeat energy filled the room and participants mirrored the excitement that our research has brought forward. His lectures featured Applied Yoga Research in Alzheimer’s Prevention, the Psychology of Longevity, and Motivational Techniques for Creating Behavioral Change.

“Dr. Chris has the rare gift of taking dense information and giving it real life, allowing me to digest this personally important material. His humor is such a gift. By the way, he’s brilliant!” – 2019 BLTT Graduate

Kirti led Module 1 participants in Kirtan Kriya yoga meditation. This is the most effective way to naturally improve your memory. This simple and effective meditation is important for caregivers and patients alike as it aides one’s ability to stay sharp and healthy. Studies show this is the best known way to protect and strengthen your brain against dementia. Kirtan Kriya can be easily applied in any profession. #BLTT19 saw caregivers, yoga therapists, life coaches, nurses, doctors, nutritionists, and more practice this technique brilliantly. We were also pleased to see the collaboration and networking among our diverse group of participants.

“ARPF provided a very productive training, and experience, for all of us attendees and I am very grateful to you. I am very immersed in setting up all the resources that I will need to be able to reach the population that is so deserving to receive this knowledge and treatment. Everyone I have made contact with is very excited. I am revamping my current business making this training the forefront addition to my yoga client population and reaching as many people as I can.” – Marcia C. 2019 BLTT Graduate

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