Proven Secrets to Aging Well

 In General

A recent article by scientists conducting a study of
nonagenarians reveals that there’s a lot more to ageing well than just living a
long time. Participants in the study were asked to talk about their family
histories and the lifestyle choices they made, from the time they were quite young
up until the present day. The study shows that while genes play a role in
determining how likely a person is to develop Alzheimer’s, many people who have
lived into their late 90s cite a number of other factors as well, including
their diets, their exercise and physical/mental fitness, and their social life.

The ARPF’s 4 Pillars of
Alzheimer’s Prevention
include all of these factors. The first pillar is
Diets and Supplements. Research proves that a balanced diet helps stave off
memory loss. In addition, the ARPF recommends vitamin and memory specific
nutrients that help safeguard brain function.

The third pillar is Exercise and Brain Aerobics. Physical
exercise can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 50%, and brain training
is even better – up to 70%! With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why so many
elderly people cite lifetimes of hard work and exercise.

Beyond keeping fit, it’s important to keep your mind busy
with work that matters to you, as well as regular brain exercises that improve
your memory and cognition skills, keeping you sharp well into old age.

Finally, the fourth pillar is Spiritual Fitness. While
this may sound complicated, it turns out that many common day-to-day activities
like socializing and having strong friendships, as well as allowing yourself to
be present in the moment can benefit your brain function and defend against
both Alzheimer’s and Moderate Cognitive Impairment.

As you can see, the ARPF’s research and advocacy confirms
something we already know intuitively: leading a healthy, engaged life is good
for you! When you listen to the stories of people who have lived into their
late 90s or beyond, it’s clear that taking care of your body and mind throughout your life
carries a big payback down the line.         

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