Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Your Diet

 In General

Check out this great list of foods that may help prevent Alzheimer’s! Among them are such delicious things as dark chocolate and blueberries. Maple syrup is another important one, and new research shows it may be capable of preserving brain function to a far greater extent than anyone had realized.

It’s important to remember that your lifestyle has a lot to do with your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s later in life. Your lifestyle includes things like your exercise routine, the extent to which you keep your brain sharp (brain exercise, really), and, yes, what you eat and drink. ARPF’s Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention are a holistic way to improve your overall physical and mental health, and to guard your brain function for years to come. And the very first of those four pillars is: “Diet & Supplements:”

Eating foods that are high in antioxidants like vitamins C and E is a wonderful natural way to eliminate free radicals from your body. In a similar way, scientists believe that a vast intake of fruits and vegetables, eating fish rich in omega-3 oils and vegetarian protein substitutes (such as soy) are protective against memory loss. 

Remember: improving your diet doesn’t mean giving up tasty foods. ARPF research shows that it can be as simple as adding some fresh vegetables or switching out some of your sources of protein. Support your diet changes with the other three Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention: Stress Management, Exercise and Spiritual Fitness.

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