President’s Message: What is Holistic Aging?

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The answer may surprise you, but holistic aging is when you have a whole list of problems as you age. Haha, I wanted to keep it light for a change.

The other day I was talking to a woman approaching 70. She shared that she was dealing with a serious autoimmune disease and the doctor prescribed a very powerful drug Prednisone for her to take every day. She wanted to know if there were any other options.
I said that Prednisone was the drug of choice for her condition, and she should probably start on it for three months or so and see how it goes.
But clearly, she shouldn’t stop with the drug. In addition to that she should make sure she’s eating as close to a vegetarian diet as possible, taking anti-inflammatory nutrients, such as turmeric, and most importantly, practicing Kirtan Kriya every morning without fail.
That’s the main problem that I see is that many people neglect this very critical aspect of their health, which is the initiation of the positive effects of meditation from simply turning on your healing system to reducing inflammation and touching your spiritual self. Kirtan Kriya works on all of those.
Perhaps you recall that we have been doing cutting-edge research on Kirtan Kriya for the past two decades at top-notch medical schools, including the University of Pennsylvania, West Virginia University, and UCLA. Our latest research study at UCLA, called the Pink BrainTM Project where we looked at yoga and Kirtan Kriya in high-risk women for Alzheimer’s disease. A high-risk woman is one who has memory loss, heart disease, and is in menopause. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in four papers in top-notch medical journals, thus far revealing that when compared to the control group, our meditation group had much better and stronger results as you can see by the chart here. Kirtan Kriya has many remarkable benefits.

I want to encourage you to download Kirtan Kriya and do it every single morning without fail. You’ll be so glad you did. I can’t even begin to explain it. You’ll be so much happier and make people around you happier too.
You’ll develop that spiritual side of yourself, which is so critically important these days with the world gone mad.
If we all develop higher consciousness, I believe we can actually save the world.

Yours in Brain Health,

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

ARPF President / Medical Director

Prevention Editor, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

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