President’s Message September 2021

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By Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

As we enter Autumn, I am reflecting on the intensity of the times. On one hand, it seems like the pace of life is getting back to normal, and yet many people are struggling even more than ever before.

There is still so much anger, chaos, and difficulty. Covid is still an issue.

As a non-profit, our work and duty is to continue to serve people and provide scientifically backed hope to end Alzheimer’s disease through our prevention work and research.

We are the original and still the leading voice for prevention and the world’s leader in meditation, yoga, and memory. And please remember that our groundbreaking study on yoga and mediation in high-risk women called The Pink Brain Project, in partnership with UCLA, is almost complete.

Did you know that recent research reveals that the number of cases of Alzheimer’s is growing fast? It’s now estimated that 6.2 million Americans age 65 and older (72% are age 75 or older) are living with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050 this number is expected to rise to 13 million. (source: 2021 Alz Assn facts and figures)

I also have discovered that the future of healthcare is a “decentralized care delivery model.”

What does that mean?

Telehealth, digital health-like apps, and the use of wearable sensors to monitor a person’s vitals are going to play an even greater role in the future of health care. Due to the changes necessitated by Covid, we are in the middle of a healthcare revolution. We’ll soon see more highly evolved computer technology to assess, diagnose and monitor our health.

But who wants to be just a number in a computer system? These changes come at a price, from adapting to the technology to, paradoxically, being more isolated. Isolation and many of the medical issues that come with it are well-known risk factors for cognitive decline.

In my mind, this is yet another reason to maximize our commitment to  Alzheimer’s prevention.

Your Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation has been working hard to provide you with many resources to empower you to make the best lifestyle choices you can make, so you can reduce your risk factors for the development of memory loss. Here are three:

1- Educational materials, available at our Store page.

2- Regular webinars exploring our research updates and innovative topics such as music and memory, how yoga prevents depression and Alzheimer’s, the critical importance of fitness and balance training and so much more.

3- A fantastic directory of over 200 professionals who are graduates of our one-of-a-kind Brain Longevity Therapy Training. These certified graduates can be your coach, teacher, or speaker. Work one-on-one or in a group with someone close to you or remotely with them. Here’s your real chance to be a valued person; become a client of a Brain Longevity Specialist. Access the full directory at this link.

Now is clearly the time to do everything possible to protect your mind and memory. The times may be uncertain and challenging but with your ARPF resources, you can know that you are doing everything possible to stay sharp and on point.


Yours in Brain Health,

Dr. Dharma Khalsa
ARPF President and Medical Director

P.S. Remember us on November 30th for #GivingTuesday.

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