President’s Message: A Hopeful Closing to a Memorable Year

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I’m beyond thrilled of all the fantastic endeavors that ARPF has accomplished this year: over 30 educational programs, our “A Glimpse of the Future Conference,” a new White Paper, multiple research publications and presentations at medical conferences, the creation of our new and forward-thinking Yoga Advisory Council, and much more that will come to fruition in 2024.

It really is the blueprint for the future of ARPF.

As esteemed Dean Judith Karshmer said in her Opening Remarks at the Conference, “Whole body wellness is the fabric of everyday life. We have discovered that we do have significant control over how we age. You have the power to develop resilience for optimal aging through lifestyle choices.

It starts with being mindful, intentional, and present in all stages of life. It’s very possible to maintain youthful minds through dynamic brain power, learning ability, creativity, and emotional zest. The key to achieving this whole body wellness is through prevention.

In the past, health care was not focused on prevention – ARPF has helped change that. We know so much more now. We know that this integration, understanding, and the codependency of community and well being impacts our health. We also know the toll that social isolation plays on brain health. 

Together we are changing the landscape of Alzheimer’s. Thank you for being a driving force towards the future of brain health – creating a world where Alzheimer’s disease is a thing of the past.”

It’s because of your pioneering vision and desire to make a difference in the prevention of Alzheimer’s that ARPF has been able to achieve such meaningful results. It’s thanks to your generosity that there is now hope to avoid this terrible disease. 

As we approach the end of the year, once again I am asking for your support. Please consider giving to Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, there are many ways to give, and no amount is too small. 

On behalf of our entire team, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year. 


Yours in Brain Health,
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

ARPF President / Medical Director

Prevention Editor, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

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