President’s Message: Black History Month & Alzheimer’s Prevention

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During this month dedicated to Black History, I am reminded about the difference in rates of Alzheimer’s/dementia in different populations. For some people it may be hard to believe, but African Americans have an almost 2:1 chance of developing dementia to White Americans. For Hispanic Americans, it’s a 1:1.5 chance.
It’s clear that biochemistry is not the cause. Instead, researchers and clinicians tell us that it is healthcare disparities, socioeconomics, and life experience that drive this difference.
Sadly, the disparities don’t end here:
  • African Americans are very underrepresented in research studies, which creates significant limitations with treatment options.
  • People of color also experience higher difficulties in obtaining access to care and support services once a diagnosis is made.
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indigenous family caregivers tend to provide more direct care while receiving less support services and facing a lack of cultural competency on the part of healthcare providers.
This appalling data has been well documented for several years now, and we at ARPF are committed to steering the trend in the opposite direction.
This month, we are launching ARPF Black Brain Health Initiative by hosting an important webinar called Black Brain Health & Alzheimer’s Disease: What’s Race Got to Do with It? You’ll find information below, and I hope you will join us for this critical discussion.


Together, we can become a moving force for good and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease for all. 


I’ll see you there.

Yours in Brain Health,
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
President / Medical Director
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