Outreach: San Diego College

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Trudy Russo, MA

Brain Longevity Specialist Trudy Russo, MA presented at the Alzheimer’s: The Science of Prevention event hosted by San Diego College. She addressed one of the most important health challenges facing older adults: the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Trudy said, “It was a pleasure representing ARPF in this course! I was already familiar with the documentary series and found it very informative and helpful. The featured experts in the series further confirmed and reiterated the importance of the 4 Pillars of Prevention program. I enjoyed the thoughtful questions and the opportunity to present Kirtan Kriya meditation in an easy-to-follow video at the end of class. I was thrilled to have many of the participants stay to experience the research-based practice to enhance their brain wellness.”

Participants said:

“Trudy was great and the presentation was just perfect for me!”

“The presentation was wonderful, I feel motivated and inspired!”

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