Outreach: Presentation at San Diego College

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In January, Brain Longevity Specialist Trudy Russo, MA presented at the Alzheimer’s: The Science of Prevention event hosted by San Diego College. She addressed one of the most important health challenges facing older adults: the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease.

She said, “It has been a pleasure representing ARPF in a course called ‘Alzheimer’s: The Science of Prevention Series’ for San Diego Community College Continuing Education for last three semesters. The course is a series documentary from leading experts in brain longevity field speaking on the variety of topics that further confirm and reinforce ARPF’s 4 Pillars of Prevention®.

I was able to give suggestions and support the ways participants could take this new information and create habits to enhance a brain healthy lifestyle. At the end, the participants are invited to stay and experience the Kirtan Kriya meditation practice in an easy to follow video. I’m always thrilled to see that many in the class stay and report a feeling of relaxation. It’s exciting to see the level of interest and their motivation to learn more about brain health. It inspires me to find more places to spread the news about reducing the risk to Alzheimer’s disease.”

To learn more about the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention, please click here.

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