Only a Few Days Left

 In General
 We are thrilled to already hear from our attendees of the Brain Longevity Therapy Training.
Here is what Flora W. has to say about the upcoming course:
“Professionally, holding two Masters Degrees, I’ve been a facilitator of Conscious Aging. After 30 years of counseling practice, I’ve wanted a retirement plan presenting “higher truths,” something including the spiritual. I also know of the magic of moving the body. To teach, I believe in experiencing the practice myself, not just sharing information about it. Everything about the Brain Longevity Therapy Training appeals to me. For me, it was a no brainer to register. I was waiting for the answer of what to do next and this is it!”
Thank you, Flora. We look forward to working with you.
This course is the answer to propelling your career and becoming proficient in Brain Longevity. All of us at ARPF are excited to see where our training takes you– and how that will translate into the future of brain health. We are going to make history together.
Please be aware that the pre-registration discount ends Wednesday, September 20. You can still take advantage of this opportunity for in-person attendance… don’t delay.
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