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Thank You to Our Donors: January – March 2021

A special commemoration for donations made in Memory and in Honor. Your ARPF is humbled to help remember your loved ones.   Thank you to the many anonymous donors whose support has been the [...]

Research Update

We are pleased to share the press release of the publication of my latest article, “Spiritual Fitness: A New Dimension in Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention.” Meditative Practice and [...]

Neurologists Agree on Lifestyle Intervention

Dr. Daniel Gibbs is one of 50 million people worldwide with Alzheimer’s disease. As a neurologist, Dr. Gibbs has devoted his life to researching Alzheimer’s and what can be done to slow its [...]

How Exercise Saves Your Cognition

Exercise is a huge aspect of brain health– that’s why it’s one of ARPF’s 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention®. Study after study has revealed the incredible benefits of [...]

Inspirations & Reflections on the Meditation Challenge

by Dr. Dharma S. Khalsa, ARPF President and Medical Director I had the opportunity to participate in a number of days of the Challenge. It was a very inspiring experience to see so many of you [...]

300 Meditators in 3 Days

Your ARPF has been blown away by the incredible turnout for the Meditate for Your Memory Challenge. We have met hundreds of new people and are thrilled by everyone’s commitment to take this [...]