Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation (ARPF) is dedicated to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by funding research studies and providing educational outreach and memory screenings.
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Happy Holidays - 2013 -
Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
President/Medical Director
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Vice President
Randal Brooks, MA, LPC
Carolyn S. Sechler, CPA
Kirti K. Khalsa
Carolyn Lucz
Communications Director
Conni IngallinaPublic Relations
The Professional Image
Ma Gloria Borras-Boneu, M.D.
GRD Health Institute – Barcelona, Spain
Karen E. Innes, MSPH, Ph.D.
Western Virginia University School of Public Health – Morgantown, WV
Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Boston, MA
Miia Kivipelto, M.D., Ph.D.
Aging Research Center and Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Karolinska Institute – Stockholm, Sweden
Karen Koffler, M.D.
Medical Director, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL
Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S.
Professor, Department of Psychiatry UCLA Semel Institute and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital – Los Angeles, CA
Roberta A. Lee, M.D.
Vice Chair, Department of Integrative Medicine Beth Israel Medical Center – New York, NY
George Perry, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor, College of Sciences University of Texas at San Antonio – San Antonio, TX
Michelle Sierpina, Ph.D.
Founding Director
UTMB Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston, TX
Yaakov Stern, Ph.D.
Director, Cognitive Neuroscience Division Taub Institute for the Study of Alzheimer’s disease and the Aging Brain Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons – New York, NY

President’s Message
How The ARPF Webinar Saved Brains and Memories
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., Founding President/Medical Director
November 7, 2013: Lifestyle for a Super Brain Webinar – the ARPF culmination event of the year, in celebration of our 20th Anniversary. It certainly was one of the grandest events of the year. I know I’m prejudiced about it, but the topic of proven ways to enhance your brain and memory function the natural way is my passion.
I mean to say, who wouldn’t be and, if you were there, then you know exactly what I mean. And if you were there, then you were able to claim the three fantastic Party Favors, as well as participate in the Free Raffle.
At the webinar, we heard from our moderator, the one and only Mr. Matt Russell, as he deftly handled the introductions and ran the pace of the program. After I spoke briefly about the founding of the ARPF and a short history of our work, I turned it back over to Matt who introduced Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks. Lori is a well known and passionate Alzheimer’s advocate and she discussed how to turn the possible nightmare of care-giving into an experience of personal and spiritual growth. She shared her story of being her mother’s primary caregiver for thirty years now.
Lori then also discussed how everyone listening could help us continue to do our critically important research and all we have to offer including our newsletters, non-profit resources, memory quiz, stress assessment, and more. She encouraged everyone to donate to support ARPF’s work.
When I spoke next, I revealed all the latest research on our innovative yoga meditation called Kirtan Kriya. I also discussed why it should absolutely be part of the prevention conversation as well. Stress is killing our brains and only meditation can save it properly. This is my deepest-held belief.
My main point is that we don’t have to wait for some magic bullet drug that may never appear; the miracle we need is here now and it is already inside us. We just have to activate our natural healing power with diet, supplements, yoga, meditation, exercise, and spirituality. And then the show stopper, the wonderful actress, and naturalist Mariel Hemingway, spoke on her approach to living a natural super brain life style. Mariel is a captivating person and when she shares her ideas on silence, diet, yoga and being in the flow of nature – you just want to listen. It’s like a meditative experience.
We are so thrilled that so many of you joined us at our 20th Anniversary Gala event Webinar. If you missed it, it will be available on our website and YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned for announcements on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/preventAD. Finally, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family our best wishes of a Peaceful Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
We are grateful for your continued support.
May all your memories be great,
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Founding President/Medical Director

Working Towards Prevention Since 1993

Meet Our New Scientific Advisory Council Member
Karen Innes, MSPH, Ph.D.

Karen Innes, MSPH, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center, Center on Aging
West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia

As an epidemiologist and clinical researcher, Dr. Innes’ work focuses on the etiology, prevention, and management of chronic, age-related disorders linked to stress, sympathetic activation, and metabolic dysregulation. Her current research includes clinical trials to investigate the potential utility of yoga in the prevention and management of chronic insulin resistance conditions, funded by grants from the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Office of Research on Women’s Health, as well as research initiatives regarding the potential benefits of mind-body interventions in adults with early stage Alzheimer’s disease (and their caregivers), Parkinson’s disease, restless legs syndrome, and osteoarthritis. Additional research projects include investigations regarding the determinants, distribution, and sequellae of sleep impairment in both adolescents and older adults, including the role of sympathetic activation and metabolic dysregulation in the etiology and progression of specific sleep disorders, and more recently, the relation of specific environmental pollutants to the development of chronic, proinflammatory, age-related conditions, including cancer, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.
Dr. Innes is also the Principal Investigator of ARPF-sponsored research study “Kirtan Kriya Meditation vs. Simple Relaxation for Improving Memory and Related Outcomes in Adults at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease,” which started in the Fall of 2013.

Report from the 10th Annual Tucson Memory Screening Day
10th Annual Tucson Memory Screening Day
The ARPF 10th Annual Tucson Memory Screening Day took place on Saturday, October 26th at the Tucson Woman’s Club, in conjunction with their Market Day Bazaar. It was an unusual outdoors setting, but we all enjoyed the Fall Tucson weather with cooler temperatures and sunny skies.
We had a lot of interest in memory screenings, both for seniors who had some memory concerns and for individuals who simply wanted to establish a baseline of their memory function. It was a great opportunity to educate people about awareness of memory screenings, and about ARPF educational materials and programs.
Here is what someone who works with seniors said about ARPF brochures:
“The materials are easy to understand, very nicely done and engaging to the reader. I also appreciate the opportunity to provide additional resources for seniors to utilize at home. We are planning some educational community programs so I will look forward to working with you in the future.
Thank you for the wonderful materials!” – April R.


ARPF Outreach Update
by Conni Ingallina, ARPF Communications Director
Conni Ingallina, ARPF Communications Director
By now you are probably very aware that this year marks our 20th anniversary. We have been celebrating all year in lots of different ways. Here are 2 ways we celebrated “virtually” this year:
March: Dynamic Aging with Fun Exercise, with Cheryl Babers Hagar, Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor and Yoga teacher
April: The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor, with Mariah Hunter, N.P.
June: Spotlight on Male Caregivers: Conversations I’ve had That Can Help You, with Eugene Conrad, Ph.D., MPH
July: Downsizing: Turning Your Golden Years into Platinum by Planning for Different Aging Needs, with Linda J. Sharp, M.Ed.
September: How to Keep Your Brain Sharp, with Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains.com
October: Your Brain on Yoga, with Sat Bir Khalsa, Ph.D., researcher at Harvard
November: Lifestyle for a Super Brain Webinar, with keynote speakers Mariel Hemingway and Lori LaBey, in addition to ARPF President Dr. Dharma.
CONTESTS: (Great Prizes for the Winners and Free Gifts for Everyone who Submitted!)
February: Who’s Your Favorite Senior?
March: What is Your Favorite Brain Exercise?
April: Photo Contest: Share Your Volunteering
May: Share Your Favorite Mom Moments and Memories
June: Share Your Favorite Dad Moments and Memories
July: Share Your Favorite Furry Friend Story
August: Share your Caregiver Self-Help Tip
September: Share Your Brain Fitness Plan
November: Share Your Kirtan Kriya 12-minute Yoga Meditation Experience
We had a great response to all of our virtual events and want to say “Thank You!” to all of you who were able to participate. Each of these contests are posted on our Facebook Page and most of the teleseminar recordings can be found on our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/preventalzheimers.
Did you miss these events but want to tell us your story? Tell us anyway – we are always glad to hear from you!
Although our 20th anniversary year celebration is almost over, we will always celebrate LIFE here at the ARPF, because we are all about a healthy, happy, long life. And because the holidays are upon us – we want to tell you we are thankful for you and we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.
PS: Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook ‘facebook.com/PreventAD‘ to discover our exciting activities, pictures, and videos; and follow us on Twitter @preventAD.
As you can see, there is always something going on at the ARPF. Don’t hesitate to check out our website at www.alzheimersprevention.org or e-mail me at Conni@alzheimersprevention.org. We are always happy to hear from you!

What Others are Saying About ARPF

This donation is being given by Girl Scout Troop 50566 of St. James the Apostle School in Glen Ellyn, IL. The 5th grade girls took a vote on the organization they would like to donate to and by a majority chose Alzheimer’s Research. The girls’ names are:

We hope this helps research for a cure.

Margaret Marco
Margaret Marco
Troop Leader

Megan B

Grace G

Gretta G

Maria G

Nicole K

Abby M

Anna M

Grace Q

Sarah R

Sarai T

Elizabeth W

Rachel Z



Stanley R Babcock
Epps, Edna
Joyce Bibbens
Kimokeo, Deborah A
Aunt Hattie Lou Bradshaw
Coffey, Charlotte
Cozby, Kelly
Hensley, Pat
Loretta Brown
White, Sandi
Ferrell Carmichael
Burgess, Virginia
Ellcessor, Mark & Lisa
House, Mary K
Jones, Mark H
Koebcke, Susan
Reason, Ada Verna
Richardson, Sherri
Robertson, Louis M
Rufatto, Robin
Sutliff, Rachael
Erik Ilkjar Christensen
Denton, Terry
Donald Cline, Sr.
Weiss, Efrat
T. Patrick Culbert
Culbert, Michael D
Alcus A Dean
Barber, Cyndi
Florence M Delaney
Chrisman, Trudy
Margaret Leota DeWitt
Braden, Colonel Russell & Mrs.
Brenner, Ronald & Sharon
Child, Betty
Corwin, Gary and Linda
Davis, Gayle
Krauss, Floyd and Nancy
Noris, Sue and Clair
Roberts, Ralph and Patricia
Sherbutt, Gerald and Barbara
Whipple, Linda and Peter
Harold Ebling
Adams, Robert & Pat
Barnes, Marylou
Jones, Rod and Mary
Seale, Ruby & Roxanne
Catherine Falbo
Zucker, Jared
Jack Favaloro
Bozzo, Aurelia
Calandra, Jim & Karen
Campisi, Rosalie
Favaloro, Gina
Favaloro, Maria
Francis John Fisher
Frank, Adriene C.
Jackson, Janeen
Maiden, Denise
Wellema, Dorothy
Gloria Fleischmann
Ingber, Clifford J
Jeanne Marie Forinash
Anderson, Linda L
Anderson, Luke
Kenneth Fryman
Grelecki, Ellen
Scott, John and Freida
Thomas Kenneth Fryman, Sr.
Perricelli, Ralph
Josephine Giacalone
Giacalone, Rebecca D
Adele K Glazer
Glazer, Ronald B.
Muldoon, Mary Jane and Bob
Ida Greenberg
Ayre, Barry K
Jeanne Gruenwald
Cincinnati, Phoenix TEQ
Collins, Phyliss
Peters, David
Patsy Henderson
Spencer, Jim
Quillie Hughes
Champion, Christine
Gertrude Kepple
Hershberger, George & Wilda
“Aunt Betty” Elizabeth Kimble
Zimmerman, Linda A
Mildred Klimer
Davy, Virginia M
Keenan, Emmett
Joan Lysbeth Clarke Madden
Meyerson, Amy
Frank Mangefrida
Vincent, David R
Lorraine Marr
Dargie, Jo
Louise F. McDonald
Graves, Vicky F.
Eleanore McDonell
Courtney, Joyce M
Hahn, Marcia M
Sipinen, Alan J
McDonell, Barbara
Lillian M. Plantz
Chojnacki, Kathryn Christine
Shaol & Evelyn Pozez
Salkowitz, Tracy
Ina Marie Queen
McCune, Hannah
Queen, Edward & Sarah
Ruth E Raines
Cunningham, Thomas and Margaret
Angie Reif
English, Karah
Marilyn Richin
Mandel, Anne R
Bill Roberts
Brown, Pamela
Lois Rudd
Gedlinske, Scott
Olivia Trexler Snider
Snider, Harvey & Anna
Trexler, Joyce
Norma C Swank
Jungwirth, R
Stella Taylor
Schepp, Michael P
Ramon Tintore
Remington, Donald P
Ruth Tomlin
Dunwiddie, K
Zella Van Buren
Rasnick, Barbara
Josephine Voss
Ralph, Chandler M
Elizabeth Margaret Walbridge
Wood, Colette M
Frances Warshaw
Khalsa, Avtar Hari Singh
Sawyer Williamson
Munroe, James D.
Marion Young
Swanberg, Lois


January-September 2013 Individual Donations:

Aalmore, Kevin
Abbott, Pamela
Abbott, Jennifer
Acevedo, Jesse
Acquavella, Paul
Adams, Beverly B.
Addison, Marilyn
Addison, Matthew
Adkins, Will
Adrian, Kathleen A.
Albright, Jerry G.
Alexander, Tiffany
Alexander, Melvin T.
Allan, Betsy
Althouse, James
Alvarado, Reyna
Alvarado, Elizabeth A.
Alvarez, Jose M.
Amini, P Elizabeth
Ammons, Ashley
Anderson, Lorraine
Anderson, L.
Andreeko, Karen
Antonio, Arancibia
Aquino, Shawn
Ashcraft, Camille
Augustin, Maria D.
Ausili, Peter
Auville, Marc
Avagliano, Donna Guin
Axe, Norman
Bachmann, Karen
Bacon, Thomas A.
Bahl, Matt
Bailey, Paul
Baker, Clyde
Baker, Leigh
Baker, Agnes
Baker, Stephanie
Baker, Judith A.
Balch, Stephen
Ball, Kyle
Ballance, Connie G.
Bannerman, Yvonne
Bannow, Steven
Baran, Kathy A
Barnes, Dawne
Barney, Judy
Barrera, Roberto J.
Barsaleau, Dean
Bartlett, Brian
Bartlett, Darlene
Bartley, Velma
Bartley, James
Barton, Cecelia
Basu, Sankar
Bayak, Clifford
Beall, James
Beaston, Joy E.
Becerra, Anthea L
Beckenhauer, Jaylie I.L.
Becker, Jack
Becker, Cathy
Beech, Heather T
Begines, Dexter
Bell, Richard
Bell, Toby
Bell, Christopher
Bellberg, Bradley
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, William
Bennett, David W.
Benson, Ruth
Bentley, Addie
Berger, Gregory
Berger, Jason
Berry, Stephen
Berry Jr, Robert
Bersagel, Cyndi
Besch, Judy
Besser, Randall L.
Biber, Jennifer
Bilan, David
Bishop, Thomas
Bjel, Ivan R
Block, Ryan
Blubaugh, Donna
Bode, Angkana P.
Boggs, Stephen Michael
Bolden, Timothy
Bolin, April
Bolton, Maria
Bonillas, Marie
Bookman, Melissa
Boscoe, Courtney B.
Bowen, Jeffie
Bowen, Deborah
Bowen, Kevin G.
Boye, Allison
Boykin, Phyllis B.
Braddock, Matthew S.
Brams, M Joyce
Brannigan, Joan
Braunagel, Mary
Braverman, Gail L.
Brenig, F Avril
Brenzel-Radojevic, Diana
Bright, Maria
Bristo, Sherrie
Brooks, Susan
Brookshire, Britt
Brown, Shelby J
Brown, Colin
Bruens, Stephen W
Bruer, Eric R
Brumfield, Bertha
Brundage, William F.
Bruner, Billy
Brutsche, Jeffrey
Bryan, Kerrie M
Bryant, Martha
Bryant, Leslie
Bublitz, Susan
Bunton, Jacqueline S.
Burger, Barbara
Burns, Sheila
Bynum, Maria
C Reeve, Charles D.
Cadenhead, Dann
Cadle, Elizabeth
Calabrese, Daniel
Calderon, Alma
Calderon Jimenez, Vilma G
Calimpong, Chason
Caminis, Asimina
Campbell, Colleen
Campbell, Cassandra Gail
Cantrell, Elaina
Capute, Allan
Carlson, Mary Kay
Carlton, Patricia
Carroll, Renee M
Carter, Anthony
Casalnuovo, Nicole T
Castaneda, Christianna
Castell, Gloria
Castner, Dr. Dawn
Castner, Lori
Cavalli, Christina J.
Cavanagh, Richard
Cawvey, Rachel
Cedillos, Gladys
Chan, Thelma
Chandler, Paulette
Chappell, Alfred
Chen, Alexander
Cherry, Daniel
Chimel, Gail
Chin, Jerry
Christmas, Gene K
Clanin, Robert L
Clark, Carl W.
Clark, Brenda L.
Clark, Mark
Clark, Edward
Clarke, Rita-Lou
Clarkson, Karen
Claustro, Yuri
Cleavenger, Jonisue
Clifford, Gerard
Cobaugh, Eric
Coen, Felicia
Coffelt, Barbara
Coffey, Pamela
Coleman, Stephanie
Collier, Jennifer
Collins, Lauren
Colmer-Hamood, Jane
Colward, Lawrence
Colyard, Janet
Connolly, Maureen Lee Ann
Cook, Jennifer
Cooney, Mary K
Cooney, John
Cooper, Lawton
Corona, Alba E
Cortez-Jaehnig, Maria C.
Cosby, Bradleigh
Costello, Kristy
Cotton, John S.
Cox, Barbarajo
Cox, Helena
Cox, Sue A.
Crane, Kelly
Crawford, Gayle
Crossno, Robert Seth
Crow, Steven R
Crowell, Tirene
Crussana, D M
Cumming, Joshua
Cummings, Audria
Cummings, Pamela R
Cunningham, Damian
Curlis, Edward
Cybert, Matthew
Dadosky, Evan M.
Daiches, Jaclyn
Dang, Rohan
Daniels, Raphael
Dankner, Rebecca
Davis, Earon S
Davis, Christopher T
Davis, Maria
Davis, Renee
Davis, Dawn N.
Davis, Pamela R.
Davis, Annette
Davis, Murika
Davis Madison, Aaron
Davis Madison, Carol
Davis, Michael
Davis-Wilson, Janice C
Day, Claire
Deats, Angela Manzo
Debnam, Ronald Elbert
Defore, Donna
Defrancis, Dominic
Dembina, Miss L.
Denwiddie, Virdella
Derikito, Connie
Desorcy, Lonnie
Destito, Theresa G
Devanna, Nancy
Devin, Robin B
Devinderjit Namani, Ada
Devlieg, Clifford L
Dickerson, Shannon M.
Dickinson, Paul
Dilks, David
Dishner, Barrett
Dodd, Michael
Dolatowski, Dr David A
Donahue, Kendra
Donegan, Ian
Doria, Burke
Dorsey, Leslie
Dorsky, David
Doyle, Christopher
Drerup, Melanie
Drew, Thomas
Drier, Kimberly
Dubec, Gretchen
Duca, Jacqueline
Dunacan, Richard
Duncan, Natalie
Dunfield, Robert
Duniho, Doris & Dani
Dunker, Barbara
Dunlap, Emma L.
Durmer, Doris
Duwell, Andrew C.
Dwyer, John
Dyer, Krystle
Eades, Rebecca
Eary, Mary M.
Edelschein, Henrietta
Edmonson, Steve
Edmunds, Joan
Edwards, Kacey
Eisdorfer, Daniel
Elderbroom, Eleanor A.
Ellington, Sharon
Ellis, Joel
Ellson, Gregory
Enrich, Nicholas
Erberti, Vincent
Escaron, Anne
Essien, China
Estep, Robert
Evans, Rhonda
Evans, Shan W.
Evans, Jermaine
Ewen, David
Ezerins, Valter
Fair, Frank
Faithful, Fred
Falk, Nancy K
Famuliner, Laura L.
Fanning, Roberta A
Farrell, Steven
Faucette, Sheilah N.
Feagen, Wanda Y.
Felias, J.
Felix, Janet
Fell Jr., Nicholas
Feller, Carla D.
Fenneman, Karen L.
Fenton, James
Fenton, Linda
Ferris, Sharon
Fiol, Samuel
Foley, Catherine
Forrest, Lynne Lynne
Forsuthe, Karen
Foster, Mary
Foster, Shirley
Fostvedt, Phi
Fowler, Susan
Francis, Ignacina
Francis, Caroline
French, Daniel
Fried, Fern G
Friesehhahn, Melanie
Fruautt, Minnette
Fuentes, Joseph
Fuerte, Deborah
Funari, Patrick M.
Gabriel, Janette
Gahley, Kenneth M.
Gaillaid, Barbara
Galloway, Yu Vonda D.
Gannon, Michael R.
Garrison, Richard
Gasarch, Carolyn
Gattis, Kenneth W.
Gaylord, Michelle
Gibbs, Jasmyn
Gibson, Jason Alan
Gibson, Lynn S.
Gladden, James
Glynn, J.
Gmeiner, Linda M.
Godfrey, Roxie
Goguen, Ruth
Goldin, Rebecca
Goldstein, Margaret
Gonzalez, Manuel
Goodfellow, Richard
Gopal, Kamakshi
Gordon, Kathryn D.
Gordon, Catherine M.
Goudie, John
Gould, Kenneth
Gradnigo, Adele
Granillo, Jean
Grantham, Maria L.
Grech, Jean
Greco, Adelaide
Green, Robert
Green, Detrick
Green, Robert W.
Green, Detrick K.
Greene, Michelle
Greene, Andrew
Greenwood, Tiajuana
Gregory, Paula
Griesenbeck, John
Griffin, Diana K.
Grimsley, William
Gross, Katherine L.
Grothen, Claire
Grover, Amy
Guerra, Josefina
Guerrero, Alma
Gunderson, Lori
Haag, Helen
Haberecht, Sandra
Hadden, James
Hagar, Cheryl Elaine Babers
Hahney, Cheryl
Hall, George R.
Hall, Kristie A.
Halstead, Caleb
Hamilton, Priscilla
Hamm, Linda
Hampton, Debbie
Hansen, Melissa
Hardee, Bernice M
Hardee, Lou
Harden, Jena L.
Hardy, Alex
Harnden, Brian S.
Harris, Jacqueline
Harrison, Ruth
Hart, Debra K.
Hart, Todd
Hartman-Stein, Paula E.
Harvey, Phyllis
Haskell, Julie
Hatchell, Angela P.
Hawkins, Susan
Hawkins, S.
Hay, Susan
Haycock, Michael
Hayford, Lana
Hegarty, Kevin P.
Hein, Jonel F
Helfrich, Lona
Hendricksen, Suzanne
Henke, Glenn
Herman, Harold J
Hernandez, Jose
Hernandezsire, Renee
Herold-Bonilla, Jennifer
Herran, Patrick
Herrero, Giovanni
Hess, Kristen
Hewett, Emily
Hickman, Maye
Hiroms, Nidia A.
Hirshman, Hetty
Hodge, Marsha L
Hoffman, Susan
Holder, Vance
Holmes, Patricia C.
Horan, David
Hornbacher, Julie L
Horne, Karen G.
Horstman, Dorothy
Hosker, Timotthy
Houchstein, Reyne
Houghton, Lucas J.
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Howard, Monte
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Howell, Terry
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Hurich, Jamie
Hurst, Susan
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Huynh, Loc
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J, R
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Jacobs, Bobbie
Jacobson, Charlotte
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Latici, Cristina
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Leith, Terri T.
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Leonard, Oleathia
Levin, Elizabeth
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Malia, Cody
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Manning, Andrew
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Marr-Leisy, Debra
Marsh, Jeff
Marsh, Angeline
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Mattson, David
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Mcclure, Stacey R.
Mccoy, John
Mcdonald, Trevy A.
Mcdowell, Larry
Mcelveen, Linda
Mchenry, Sherry L
Mclean, Jon
Mcnatt, Donald
Mcnealy, Margaret & Kenneth
Mcnutt, Ronnie K
Medder, Arlene J
Medel, Rebecca R.
Mehl, Paul
Mellieon, Russell
Melton, Carol
Mendiola, Deborah H
Meredith, Kent
Messineo, Rachel
Miller, Patric
Millhofer, Lawrence G.
Miloch, Kimberly
Mintier, Andrew
Mitchell, Marcus
Mitchell, Katrina
Moeder, Gregory
Moffett, Dolores Lang
Montecalvo, Angela
Montgomery, Joseph
Montoya, Rene A.
Montrenes, Cheryl
Moody, Selicia
Moore, La Juan
Moore, Gale
Moore, Natalie
Moraw, Dennis A.
Morello, James
Morgan, Vanessa
Morien, Steven
Morris, Gary W.
Mostaghel, Deborah
Mount, Brandon
Mower, Kristen
Mueller, Diane M.
Munoz, Debra
Murray, Brian
Murray, Diane
Murray, Kelley
Myers, Denise F.
Myers, Sheila
Nanos, Harold P.
Nelson, Kurt
Nelson, Javon
Netzer, Rose Marie
Newport, Kevin
Nicholls, Brad
Nichols, Bethanne
Nickle, Carroll
Nieto, Rita
Nino, Nelli A.
Nolan, James G.
Norberg, Shani
Noska, Donald
Novak, Dan
Nugent-Gonzalez, Faye M
Oberholtzer, Carla
Odell, Jane
Omori, Valeria T.
O’neill, Michelle
Opitz, Sean
Orrell, James
Ortega, Francisco A.
Ortiz, Carmen
Ortiz Cotto, Ricardo
Orvis, Byron
Osborne, David
Oskey, David
Oswald, Andrew
Ota, Susan
Oueini, Tatiana
Padgett, Eddy
Padilla, April
Paice, Lidia
Pappas, Carol
Park, Edgar
Parker, Christel
Parkhurst, Renee
Parrish, Paula
Passmore, Michael
Patrick, Shadrick D.
Patten, Scott
Pedroza, Tonya M.
Pendleton, Jennifer C.
Perkins, Patricia
Peterson, David
Peterson, Lisa Y
Petras, Elizabeth
Petty, Christina M.
Phillips, Rose
Phillips, Marcus
Pirrone, Christine
Pistono, Kathleen
Platt, Juanita Gail
Plitt, Jessica
Polsky, Douglas
Pool, Christine
Pope, Cynthia
Powell, Alphonso
Price, Sallie
Prince, Kimberly
Province, Daniel K.
Purcell, Helen
Pybus, Wimpy
Quezada, Herbert
Quinn, Frank
Rachal Jr., Richard
Ragland, Jon
Rainey, Cynthia A.
Ramirez, Orpha A.
Ramos, Imani
Rankin, Shannon
Rapatz, Brigitte
Rawls, Sheila
Ray, Nichole M
Raymond, Jesse
Razon, Joy
Reardon, Laura L.
Redington, Jill
Reed, James
Reed, Leesa
Regis, Sandra
Reich, William
Rembert, Andy
Reuter, John P.
Reynolds, Jeanine
Rhea, Paula
Rice, Crystal
Rice, Erin Marie
Richard, Atrice
Richards, Evelyn
Richardson, Carissa A.
Richardson, Lasherrie
Ricks, Linda
Riley, Denise
Ritter, John
Robbins, Joseph M.
Robbins, Eudith M
Roberts, Emerson H
Roberts, Scott
Robertson, Jennifer
Robinson, Monica A
Robinson, Angela
Robinson, Carolyn
Rodgers, Kassandra
Roehrig, Thomas G.
Rogers, William S
Rogers, Sarah
Roller, Jackie
Romig, Jacob
Roshell, Robert
Rosipal, Cheryl K.
Ross, Carol
Ross, Charles H.
Rosso, Patrick
Rothboeck, Karen S
Rowe, De Morio
Ruedisueli, Robert
Ruelas, Christina V.
Ruiz Isales, Yolanda
Rulison, Kelly L.
Russell, Ceclia
Saffer, Nancy K
Saldana, Ryan
Salinas, Ana M
Salts, Paula
Salyers, Linda
Sanders, Natasha
Sanders, Mary L.
Sandford, Christopher
Santiesteban, Robert G.
Sasa, Reynaldo
Saxby, Cherie
Saynuk, Erin
Scarbrough, Nancy
Schelble, Jim & Billie
Schelble, Marion
Schelhas, Celeste
Schep, Lucie
Schlupp, Timothy
Schmit, Diane
Schneider, Francis
Schnepf, Kimber
Schofield, Mike R.
Schoonderwoerd, Terry K.
Schroeder, Richard
Schultz, Angela
Schultz, Terrie
Schumacher, Carol
Schutz, Ailish
Schweitzer, Dana
Scott, Sandra
Scott, Francis
Scott, Rebecca
Sechler, Carolyn
Segran, Sam
Selbach, Rick
Selewski, John
Selman, Lynnah
Seloff, Gary
Selzer, Paula
Sendall, Mary L.
Sewitch, Deborah
Seymour, Jamie
Shafer, John
Shannonhouse, Rc
Sheldon, Diana
Shepherd, Charles
Sherman, Ben L.
Shivers, Ashley
Shoemaker, Margaret
Shoemaker, Daniel
Shoup, Christine
Siatos, Demetrios
Silverman, Paul
Simmons, Joshua
Simone, Diana R
Sims, Scott
Sims, Tracy
Sindler, Sean E
Skierski, Frank C.
Skinner, Mary J
Slagle, Heather
Sledd, John
Sloane, Richard
Smith, Sandra
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Lois
Smith, Jerry
Smith, Arjean
Smith, Amber
Smith, Carolyn R.
Smith, Gary
Snell, Rachel L.
Snow, Nicole
Sobel, Rebekah
Soby, Brianna
Souva, Kelly
Spaugh, Jana B.
Spears, Brett J.
Spehnkouch, Thomas W.
Spencer, Lynn Gaudio
Spiert, Kenneth
Spohn, Stephen
Spratlin, Meredith
Spriggel, Mark
Sprotte, Tommye
Squires, Cynthia L.
Stafford, Steven
Stangl, Kathyrn A
Stanley, Nancy A.
Stasey, Michael
Stefano, Ciro
Stenberg, Heather
Stephens, Stephanie
Stephenson, Richard
Stern, Joshua Aaron
Stewart, Jane
Stewart, Norman Blake
Stewart, Martha
Stielau, Stuart
Stith, Regena
Stockhoff, Nathan
Stone, Richard
Stone, Charles W.
Strange, Margaret
Street, Lavonne
Stricklan, Kay
Stubing, Richard
Sullivan, Patrick
Sumner, Susan
Sutton, Craig
Swanikkannu, T
Szychowski, Judy
Tabler, David
Taghavi, Haleh
Tallarico, Jennifer
Tamez, Juan
Tapscott, David P.
Taylor, Jyll
Taylor, Dale
Taylor, Bonnie L.
Teat, Clarence
Tejada, Rita
Thomas, Rocky L.
Tiart-Gefen, Anna
Timco, Dennis
Tipton, Teresa
Tobey, Virginia
Todd, Pamela
Todor, John
Tongate, John T.
Torres, Kimberly
Totten, Lindsay
Townsend, Jeanne
Treible, Eric M.
Trevathan, Angela
Truss, Stephanie
Tyler, Sharlene
Tyler, Sharlene
Vadovicky, Sheila
Vaillant Carrion, Sixto
Valdez, Nicole M.
Valenzuela, Margaret
Vall, Kasey
Van Sant, Milena
Van Sant, Milena S.
Van Straten, Steven
Vanschaack, Regina
Vasquez, Jr., Carlos
Vaughan, Anette M.
Vess, Leta
Vickers, Fanchette
Vlasic, Rebecca
Wagner, Cheryl
Walker, Cynthia
Waller, Maurice
Ward, Patrick
Ward, Waylon
Warden, Robert
Ware, Carol
Ware, Ruth
Warner, Audra
Warren, Michele
Washington, Duane
Washington, Tina R.
Watson, Casey
Weber, Alison M
Weber, Judith
Webster, Nancy Wilson
Weiser, Cindy
Weissert, Rosanna
Welch, Dr. James
Wendlberger, Eleanor
West, Riva
Wetzel, Patricia
White, Delesta
White, Larry
Wickwire, David & Joan
Wilkinson, Edwina
Williams, David
Williams, Jon
Williams, Amber
Williams, Carolyn S.
Wilmer, Candice
Wilson, Cynthia
Wilson, James
Wimbush, James
Wofford, Joan R.
Wohl, Marianne
Wong, Keith
Wong, Tessa M J
Wood, Robert
Worrad, Merril
Wright, Betty
Wright, Donald K
Yanez, Maria
Yearicks, Lani
Young, Colleen
Younger, Colleen
Youngquist, Steven M.
Yue, Michelle
Zahn, William B.
Zamora, Cynthia
Zemlin, Joseph
Zephirin, Edyne
Zhirnov, Mikhail
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