New Research Confirms That Daily Exercise is Good for Your Brain, Too!

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New research confirms that daily exercise is good for your brain, too! University of Melbourne researchers have found that daily exercise improves your cognition – twenty years later! The researchers followed 387 women for two decades and found that those who took daily walks were less likely to experience memory loss in their 60s and 70s. Interestingly, the frequency of exercise mattered more than how strenuous it was. “These are people who walk around the block every day – they don’t jog,” said the new study’s author.


This research was specifically focused on dementia, but many of the same lessons hold true for Alzheimer’s as well. Your ARPF’s research shows that simple exercises and aerobics can have a big impact on brain function as you age. That’s why the third of our Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention is “Exercise and Brain Aerobics.” In fact, the “magic number” may be as low as 150 minutes of exercise per week. That comes out to just a little over twenty minutes a day! Take your dog out for a walk, head downtown to meet a friend, or ride a stationary bike or elliptical. There are lots of ways to get in that time without a gym membership! Plus, if you work in a visit to a friend, you can make your exercise time do double-duty as Spiritual Fitness, the Fourth Pillar of Prevention.

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