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We sent out a notice about our most recent paper called
“Spiritual Fitness: A New Dimension in Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention.” 
Your ARPF is delighted to let you know that this paper is now published online by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease – you can view it as open access at this link.
We’re also happy to reveal that we are involved with the following additional papers:
Congratulations to Dr. Miia Kivipelto of the FINGER Study for this new research paper on telomere analysis, of which Dr. Dharma S. Khalsa, ARPF President and Medical Director, is a co-author. The findings are summarized in the following Conclusions:
This is the first large Randomized Control Trial showing that a multidomain lifestyle intervention facilitated Telomere maintenance among subgroups of older people at risk for dementia, including APOE-ε4 carriers. Telomere maintenance was associated with more pronounced cognitive intervention benefits.
The second paper is also part of the FINGER group and includes research on how a multi-domain program reduces many risk factors for dementia: Cardiovascular health metrics from mid- to late-life and risk of dementia: A population-based cohort study in Finland.
We’re very happy to say that’s four recent publications, including the chapter “Mind/Body Medicine and The Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease” in Dr. Andrew Weil’s most recent edition in Integrative Medicine called “Integrative Neurology.”
Lastly, Dr. Andrew Newberg is kindly speaking at the upcoming webinar on March 4th on Spiritual Practices and Brain Longevity: Imaging Research Revealed. It’s going to be an enlightening discussion, we’d be delighted if you joined us.
As you can see, we’ve done our best to stay productive during these uncertain times of COVID-19. If you would like to be part of our research, education, and outreach initiatives please donate to ensure our work continues. We thank you for your support!
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