Thank you for your order of the Kirtan Kriya, the 12-minute singing yoga meditation for your brain and memory.

Below please find the links to your DOWNLOADABLE copy. Simply click on any item below to download that item:

Kirtan Kriya Memory Exercise [MP3 Audio]*

Kirtan Kriya Memory Exercise Instructions [PDF]

Watch a video demonstration of the Kirtan Kriya meditation.


Q: How Do I Download the File Instead of It Playing?


A: On a Windows PC, right-click on the link and select the “Save File” option from the dropdown menu that appears.


On a Mac, place your cursor on the play arrow in the center of the screen and right-click. When the menu appears, select the “Save Video As” option. Note: this is not a video file, but this is the menu item to click on.

Q: How Do I Copy the Downloadable File to iTunes?


A: Regarding the transfer of music to any of your devices, the best thing to do is just copy the file to your computer and then add it to your iTunes Library so that you can access it from any device.


Getting a file onto your computer can be done in many ways. If someone emails a file to you, you can just download it. If you have it on another computer, you can put it on a thumb drive the same way that you would copy and paste any file and then plug the thumb drive into your computer and copy it to your computer.


From there, you can add it to iTunes by doing the following:


1. Open iTunes


2. Go to File>Add to Library


3. Select the mp3 or mp4 file that you want to add to iTunes in the browser window that pops up.


4. iTunes will copy the file into its library and it will now be available to sync with any of your devices.


If you plug your device in and you are not sure how to get the file onto your device, just open the device in iTunes and then click on the Music tab. There you can either set it to Sync all of the music in your library or you can select individual files to sync with your device.

Q: How Do I Save the Downloadable File to my iPod or iPhone?


A: Open iTunes and drag the MP4 file to the library, from there you drag and drop the song to the iPod that is plugged into your computer. Make sure the iPod is visible in iTunes and also that under the iPods settings, the “manually manage songs and videos” is checked.


If it isn’t, it means that you synced your music with your iPod and can’t add anything manually without re-syncing your entire iTunes library on your phone I ripped touch


To reach the settings menu for your iPod click on the iPod or iPhone button at the top right if the iTunes window, right underneath the search bar. Then make sure that summary is selected which you can see at the top of the iTunes screen underneath the “now playing” section. Under options in this screen, there are a few choices, sync with phone over wi-if, sync only checked songs and videos etc, at the bottom it says manually manage music and videos, make sure that is checked.


Now you will be able to manually add songs from your library. If you’d like to still sync your iPhone, make sure you sync only checked songs and videos and make sure that the new song you want to sync is checked and it will move to your phone.