Just $1 can show your support – PayPal makes it easy

 In Support Alzheimer's Research and Prevention

PayPal has enabled consumers to purchase with purpose through “Give at Checkout”.

Give at Checkout makes it easy for consumers to support a cause that they care about when they shop online. PayPal users can add $1 to their purchase when they checkout with PayPal – these microdonations can add up to a big impact for ARPF.

“During the payment portion of my online shopping, I was able to scroll down and donate $1 to ARPF. All it took was a click. I know that if we all take advantage of this simple tool, we can create a significant change in Alzheimer’s prevention. I’m happy to support such a cause.” – Lisa P. 

All donors need to do is set Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation as their favorite charity so anytime you check out with PayPal, ARPF will show up as a beneficiary.

In 2019, more than $2 million dollars were donated through Give at Checkout. Your donation will help further our mission of Alzheimer’s prevention either through research, outreach and education, or funding memory screenings for those who need it most. Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful for your continued support. 

How to set up your ARPF PayPal account:

1– Visit ARPF’s profile page on the PayPal Fundraising Site

2– Login to PayPal

3– Click “Set as favorite charity” 


3– Click “Set your favorite charity” and type in “Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation” 

APRF receives 100% of donations, so this is a great way to show your support in championing Alzheimer’s prevention. Please visit our page on PayPal to get started.
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