How do You “Heal the Healer”?

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Your ARPF is thrilled to announce that the Brain Longevity Symposium will have special sessions called “Healing the Healer,” hosted by world-renown healer Mahan Kirn Kaur.
Mahan Kirn is also a meditation master and yogi. She has been involved in yoga since she was born and at age eighteen began her studies of Sat Nam Rasayan® (SNR) directly from the Master. SNR is a sacred art based on inner silence. Through her 20+ years of training, she has achieved the highest levels of mastery in this healing modality and Kundalini Yoga.
“Through biochemical processes, our bodies literally store emotions within the cells, tissues and bones. When we have a negative experience, the emotion is locked within the tissue, creating pain or imbalance. Over time, this can create chronic, debilitating conditions, called dis-ease,” Mahan Kirn explained.
Whether you’re a healthcare provider, yoga therapist/teacher or caregiver, working closely with older adults who suffer from chronic health conditions can bring negative effects to your health. In Mahan Kirn’s sessions, you will experience and learn how to take utmost care of yourself as you assist your clients along this path. Mahan Kirn will teach Healing the Healer while providing participants with special yoga techniques that she has been researching for years so that you can generate healing in your body, mind and spirit.
Reach new highs, both professionally and spiritually, on October 24-27th in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Brain Longevity Therapy Training and Symposium. It’s going to be an incredible journey.
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