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ARPF was honored to have a sneak peek of Stefano May’s new single “Hope It Will Remind You” during our Brain Longevity® Symposium in October. Now, on January 18th, it’s time for the worldwide release of this inspiring new song. Audiences are invited to listen to his music online or join Stefano in person during his live performance at 54 BELOW, Broadway’s Supper Club. All the information can be found in this Broadway World article.

“Stefano May is excited to share his upcoming new single “Hope It Will Remind You” on its worldwide release

Photo by Roy Cox

date with 54 Below’s audience, a song specially written for those most affected by Alzheimer’s disease. May has witnessed early stages of dementia develop into more serious stages of Alzheimer’s amongst friends and loved ones alike. Watching this process was shocking for him at first, but soon developed into a cause that he’s deeply devoted to. His partnership with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation focuses on healing, preventing, and keeping memories alive.

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Stefano aims to bring people together through the power of music. By sharing his gifts, he empowers others to do the same. ‘Music is made to heal your soul. People find commonality in the music they listen to and every song has the right time and place for each of its listeners.'”

To read the full article and attend a live performance, click here.

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