He’s Holding Our Memories Hostage

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Last week I told you about a memory thief known as Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a preventable crime that, sadly, people are accepting as a part of life.

But we know that dementia is not a normal part of aging. Having your mind pilfered of precious memories– your wedding day, a child’s first steps, and the everyday moments which make up the tapestry of life– is something you should never experience.

The freedom and security you get from having optimal brain function are what we’re fighting for. Your ARPF continues to empower people with breakthrough research and resources so that you can age with dignity and grace.

As we reflect on our 28th year at ARPF, we are grateful for YOU, our partners, friends, and colleagues, who make our work possible.

Thanks to your generous support, in 2021 we were able to:

  • Introduce 4,000 new people to our Kirtan Kriya meditation practice
  • Provide educational webinars to approximately 1,500 people
  • Support 500 new students and graduates in our BLTT program
  • Collaborate with senior centers across the country to educate older adults about preventative strategies

We have been working to grow our community every single day because we want to put the memory thief behind bars– for good. Living a long, memorable life is more than possible and we’re striving to help you and your loved ones experience life to the fullest.

With your donation today, we will continue to educate patients, families, and the community on the prevention and treatment of early-stage memory loss, and we can continue to train healthcare providers and caregivers in Brain Longevity Therapy.

Please consider us in your end-of-year giving so we can continue these important efforts in 2022, and beyond.

Your donation makes our work possible and worthwhile.

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