The Future of Alzheimer’s Prevention

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Earlier this year, I attended a virtual summit on the future of the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to eradicate this horrible mind robbing illness by 2025. This is of great importance to us as individuals, as well as Americans, because of the burgeoning epidemic of Alzheimer’s. Not only are we losing loved ones but we are also becoming financially challenged. In fact, it’s been predicted that if a way to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease is not made available to Americans, Medicare may go bankrupt.  Alzheimer’s also affects millions more around the globe.

The biggest take home message was that prevention is now being spoken about freely as if it is or will soon become a reality. This is a big change in policy for organizations such as The Alzheimer’s Association and one I salute. There is a great opportunity to make this happen now with momentum on an academic and federal level.

As you are aware, the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) has been advocating for lifestyle and prevention for over two decades. In fact, we were the first to do so. And now our ideas are not only being revealed scientifically to be true but others are agreeing with our concepts.

Our work and support of the FINGER study bears that out. FINGER is the largest study in history on Alzheimer’s. The first 2 years have been completed with positive results and the second wave of 7 years is underway, with your ARPF helping to design and support this critically important research. 

To review, here are the ARPF four pillars of prevention:

  1. A Mediterranean-type of plant-based diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Also included in our dietary program are brain-specific nutrients.
  2. Stress Reduction, especially through Yoga and meditation. We specifically prescribe Kirtan Kriya because it takes only 12 minutes a day.  
  3. Physical and Mental Exercise. To keep your brain strong, you must exercise both aerobically and with strength training, as well as keep your brain active with mental exercise.
  4. Spiritual Fitness. This includes the development of attributes such as acceptance, positive relationships, and the sense of purpose or mission in life. All of these have been shown to be brain-enhancing and purpose has been shown to actually prevent Alzheimer’s. Moreover, having a spiritual bent has also been proven to slow the progression of memory loss.

Beyond FINGER, we have been actively studying the effect of our simple, 12 minute Kirtan Kriya meditation for well over a decade now and have had our work published in many prestigious journals. We have 2 additional studies ongoing at UCLA and The University of West Virginia Medical School. These projects involve Kirtan Kriya to prevent the progression of early memory loss. 

In case you’re wondering about drugs, recall that I’m an anesthesiologist by training so I’m certainly not opposed to the use of pharmaceuticals that work. As of yet, the available FDA approved drugs don’t fit that bill very well. 

Your ARPF also is working behind the scenes on a very important project that I’ll announce as soon as it is complete.

In the meantime, as was made clear on the seminar, available funding for AD research is not what it should be because of the sequestration that was put into effect by Congress.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be mindful of me to close without asking you for your continued financial support for our innovative work.  And, as I know many of you, if not all of you, do consider yourself spiritual, it is a great blessing to support a worthwhile cause.

I believe our work is very worthwhile and I hope you can help us reach our goals by donating today.    

There are two main options:

  1. To help us with a one-time donation please go here
  2. To support our work by contributing on a monthly basis please go here. For example, your generous donation of only $ 10/month will help us further this much-needed research to spare your children and grandchildren the pain of watching their loved ones go through this illness.
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