How to Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and Turn Your Celebration into a Generous Act!

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Want to use your special day to make a difference? Learn how to create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation™  below – it’s very simple!

You can also create a fundraiser or special event fundraiser ANY TIME you’d like, just use the link below:


3 Tips for a Successful Facebook Fundraiser:

Facebook is great because your friends and family will find it quick, easy, and secure! Let friends and family know why Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation is important to you by following the tips below:

  • Invite your friends – Build momentum by connecting friends to your fundraiser. People who invite friends are 4 times more likely to reach their goal.
  • Share your fundraiser – Share your fundraiser in Feed and with your groups. Let them know why this cause is important and why they should donate.
  • Donate to Your Fundraiser – Other people are more likely to donate when they see that someone has already contributed. It also shows your commitment to helping the cause.
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