Donor Spotlight: Silver Fox Classic Golf Outing

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Through a little bit of luck and researching on the web, Todd landed on the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation homepage. He was looking for an organization to honor his late father, Ron, who passed from Alzheimer’s disease in 2017. “I chose ARPF because I liked the holistic message and approach versus taking a pill, big pharma-type of solution.”

Todd, his longtime friend George, and his community in Quakertown, PA pulled together and created the first annual Silver Fox Classic Golf Outing to honor his father’s legacy and raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness and prevention. The tournament was a huge success with over 100 golfers and guests joining the fun.

Golfers get ready for the tournament to begin.

“The number of old friends and the incredible support we got from our local community, not only from participation in the golf tournament, but all the volunteers, businesses, and sponsors that donated were outstanding. People were genuinely happy and excited about this event. My father was a big name in our small town, and at the very least, many people joined just to remember him.”

Painting of Todd’s father, Ron.

Todd explained that only in hindsight did he recognize the beginning of his father’s decline. “There were small moments that at the time you just shake your head, like what are you doing, dad? Five years later you remember those moments where you start putting the pieces together, and they become more prevalent and consistent and then other challenges come up.” 

Ron was not outspoken about his struggles. He was someone who depended on himself for support and was tough enough to deal with his problems. Todd’s advice to anyone who struggles with their memory is to speak up. 

“If you notice things are happening, it’s important to find out more. You need to speak up and see somebody because in our case, we could have dealt with it a little bit differently or even down the road have treated it differently. If my father would have spoken out about how he was feeling, he may have had either more help or more emotional support. Take a step back if you are one of those people that are having some concerns with your health. Speak up because there are things that can be done. Even researching an organization like ARPF. At the very least, don’t just ignore it, go look for some support because it’s out there and it makes a huge difference.”

Todd’s message is crucial. If you are experiencing memory loss, brain fog, or forgetfulness, now is the time to be proactive. Reach out to your family, friends, community, and take advantage of our many resources to get your brain health back to optimal function. 

Your ARPF sends a huge Thank You to Todd, all the volunteers, sponsors, donors, golfers, friends, and family who made the Silver Fox Classic Golf Outing possible. We are so grateful for your generosity. Through your efforts, we will continue to speak up, reach out, and provide support to those suffering from memory loss and Alzheimer’s. 

Volunteers at the Silver Fox Classic Golf Outing.

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