Donor Spotlight: Jan and Marjorie

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ARPF would like to recognize and thank Jan N. for her continuous support of our Foundation.
Jan is a long-term care case manager in Prescott, AZ. She has dealt with the destruction of Alzheimer’s disease in her professional and personal life. Jan’s community is experiencing a dementia boom and it has spared no one, Jan included. “My mother Marjorie is the main reason why I support ARPF. She was one amazing woman. She raised eight children, had a full-time job, and played in the Green Bay Symphony for 25 years!” Marjorie never had the opportunity to go to college until later in her life when she enrolled in Arizona State University along with three of her adult children. She was 52 when she graduated and then taught English at the community college. When she retired, Marjorie was a lobbyist for women’s issues for which she received an award for her lobbying efforts. Marjorie and her husband Frank had a happy 70 years of marriage until his passing last year.
ARPF honors Marjorie, currently 91, for living her life to the fullest. Jan added, “It’s an absolutely awful disease and I can’t understand why my mother is afflicted by it. She may be a shadow of the woman she once was, but we can still see the spark in her eyes when we play symphony music for her. She absolutely loves it.”
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