Donor Spotlight: Alex and Angela

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“My grandmother had Alzheimer’s during the last part of her life. I was really close with her and it was the most challenging time for my family for a lot of reasons. I think my mother may experience some symptoms of it as she grows older as will I. In fact, I think my mental health/capacity has waned as I have gotten older (turning 42 this month), which I know is normal but I am taking it seriously now because I do believe in prevention. It’s a big reason why I support ARPF. Also, I found someone in your directory of professionals that I plan to contact sometime in the future. Very happy to continue to support ARPF!” – Alex O.

Alex’s grandmother Angela with her grandkids. “We called her Lola. It means grandmother in Tagalog.” Angela lived to 102.

ARPF is honored to carry on Angela’s legacy and we will continue to support families throughout their brain health journeys. Your ARPF is working hard to provide more research, resources, and tools so you and your loved ones can live a long, healthy life. Thank you to all of our supporters– please continue to share your stories.
To learn more about the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention, click here. 


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