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Denyse Le Fever, Brain Longevity Specialist

Denyse Le Fever was drawn to yoga as a teen to relieve test anxiety. In her senior years, she recognized yoga’s many benefits would help her to manage a stressful lifestyle. She focused her studies on yoga’s restorative benefits for an aging population and those with chronic conditions. In 2018, Denyse became a Brain Longevity Specialist and has applied her certification to educating seniors in her yoga classes.

For her birthday this year, Denyse organized “A Solstice to Remember” fundraiser in honor of her father, Harry L. Le Fever. It was an informational, one-hour Zoom presentation on Stress Management and Better Brain Health through Yoga. In return, she asked for donations on ARPF’s behalf. 

“A Solstice to Remember was such a special day for me to finally offer a workshop in honor of my Dad and ARPF. The end of my Dad’s life and his struggle with Alzheimer’s coincided with my decision to study yoga more deeply. Being able to offer this workshop in his honor was healing and heartfelt. Many participants had family and friends who had AD as well and I want to thank them for joining and for sharing how AD touched their lives.”

Thank You to the following donors:

  • Linda Fowler
  • Joyce Freedman
  • Penny Gilchrist
  • Deb Hertz
  • Madeleine Johnson
  • Janet Jones
  • Denyse Le Fever
  • Lila McConnell
  • Lynne Price
  • Therese Quinn
  • Sara Rubida
  • Vicki Anderson Simons
  • Diane Sonnewold
  • Nancy DeKorte Sullivan
  • Linda Thompson 

Denyse loves her work at the Family Center, helping participants to relax into stillness through Restorative Yoga. When not teaching at Life With Cancer Family Center, she loves to create Chair Yoga Dances and teach gentle yoga to seniors.

ARPF is so grateful to have a community of specialists who continue to support our mission. From all of us at ARPF, thank you Denyse for organizing this fundraiser. We are also touched by all of the wonderful donors who participated. Your loved ones will live on in our memories. 

For more information on becoming a Brain Longevity Specialist, click here. 

Facebook makes setting up a birthday fundraiser easy. If you would like to create one in honor of ARPF and need help setting it up, please contact chelsea@alzheimersprevention.org


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