Computer Use May Improve Memory in Elderly People

 In General

Do you think using a computer is good for your brain? Most of us probably try to limit our screen time to avoid getting headaches or hurting our hands. And there’s good reason for that: getting outside, or at least up on your feet, is an important way to keep healthy as you age.

But new research shows that some amount of time on the computer might actually be good for elderly people! Why’s that?

Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University say computer use requires multiple brain functions including attention, planning and memory. 

While we don’t yet know for sure what these findings mean, it could very well be that the brain exercise you can get from using a computer helps keep you sharp even through your golden years. The ARPF’s research shows brain aerobics – activities that engage your attention and other cognitive resources – are a significant factor in preserving brain function. Do some crossword puzzles, play a few board games – and spend a little time on the computer! It’s just what the doctor ordered.

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