Build a Better Brain: How to keep your Brain Active and Prevent Memory Loss

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By Dharma Singh Khalsa,

You can start anew with your brain power. In fact, you can start right now to
take advantage of the proven fact that your brain can grow new cells, that you
change your brain for the better, and that you can create strong nerve cell
connections between your brain cells.

The fact that you can change your brain for the better is called plasticity and it means that your brain
can adapt and the connections between brain cells can be strengthened as
well.  Another revolutionary and proven
concept is neurogenesis, which means
that you can grow new brain cells to make up for the loss of cells that occurs
with age.

These are very powerful scientific facts that are very important
as we all want to continue to 
lead the highest quality of life, for as long as possible. 

Actually, the importance of having strong connections between brain cells is
another gift that came to us courtesy of Albert Einstein, perhaps the most
intelligent man in history. When Einstein died, his brain was examined under a
microscope and what was seen was very impressive.

Einstein’s brain cells, or neurons, were normal. They were very similar to
yours and mine. But what was so astonishing about his brain was that the
connections between his brain cells, called astrocytes, were extra ordinary.
The pathologist who did the work was astonished. She said
she had never seen anything like that before.

The good news is that you can develop
extra ordinary connections as well. How is that done? By using your
brain in novel ways such as learning an art form, learning a new language, or
even reading this newsletter and sharing with someone else.
By building a better brain, you can lead
the highest quality life as possible. 

It is now a fact that you can prevent or delay memory loss.
 There are a number of activities, tools, and
techniques that you can use to build a brain that can get younger. These
include exercise, nutrition, and stress relaxation techniques. Stress relieving
techniques, such as mind/body exercise, are also being proven to encourage
brain plasticity or resilience.

One man who took advantage of these facts of using your brain and
keeping it young, is an elderly
 man from
England. Mr. Harry Bernstein was married for 67 years to his wife Ruby. But
when she died in 2002 he almost lost his mind. He considered killing himself
or, as he put it, “I wished I could join Ruby” and gave serious
thought to “ways and means of doing it.”

So what saved his life? He started using his brain by writing and taking refuge
from his pain by putting his memories down on paper, writing a book called The Invisible Wall: A Love Story that Broke
. Harry used his brain and it saved his life.

You too can learn how to use your brain by following the Alzheimer’s Research
and Prevention Foundation 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention™ Program, which will
help you live long and well with a young mind.
Find out more at www.alzheimersprevention.org.


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