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Your ARPF is proud to introduce another outstanding Brain Longevity Therapy Training specialist:

Judy Romano, MD,  FAAP, RYT

Judy Romano, MD, FAAP, RYT

Dr. Judy is a physician in Appalachia who has a special interest in Brain Development and Brain health. She enjoys teaching yoga and embraces the melding of eastern and western knowledge to enhance health. 

“I wanted to share my experiences with teaching Kirtan Kriya. I had the opportunity to teach the meditation in 2 venues. The first was to a group of Catholic sisters from the Congregation of St Joseph – there is a beautiful setting in West Virginia called Mount St Joseph where many of the older sisters reside upon retirement – although they never really retire! I had done a class on chair yoga a few months ago and afterward told them about Kirtan Kriya. I was asked to come back to teach the meditation and was accepted immediately!

The group of Catholic sisters from the Congregation of St Joseph.

As I suspected, many were already experienced meditators and were especially enthusiastic about this experience! They have planned to meet as a group weekly to do Kirtan Kriya together.
My other experience was at Howard Long Wellness Center where I teach a variety of yoga classes. After talking about Kirtan Kriya  – giving some teasers, I offered to incorporate Kirtan Kriya in a class. The response was incredible and I have already been asked to repeat the class. I went ahead and put together a special class to introduce Kirtan Kriya during the Winter Solstice which was well attended – I think 14 or 15 folks joined. I am planning now for another venue and want to expand to include all 4 of the Pillars.”

– Judy Romano

To connect with Judy, click here.

Your ARPF is thrilled to see this crucial information being taught and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Dr. Romano for being such an important part of guiding her community to wellness. We all have the opportunity to enhance our well-being and brain health through lifestyle modifications and stress management tools such as yoga and meditation.

For more information about becoming a certified Brain Longevity Specialist, please visit arpf.com. 

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