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Your ARPF is proud to introduce another outstanding Brain Longevity Therapy Training specialist:

Taylor Temnick, Ed.D., LAT, ATC, CES, RYT-200

Since starting my new job as Wellness Director for a primary care office last summer, I began holding monthly lifestyle medicine events.

Taylor Temnick, Ed.D., LAT, ATC, CES, RYT-200

I present during the stress management, exercise, and nutrition sessions. I’ve been excited to tie in my BLTT training and I finally got the opportunity to do just that! I am grateful for the chance to share the knowledge I learned. My participants are a high-risk managed care/medicare group so I was eager to see how they would receive the info.

Our monthly lifestyle medicine event had 19 participants and we received WONDERFUL feedback for our theme of Brain Health.

From 12-12:15 one of my providers, Dr. Neifeld, joined us to speak on the importance of social relationships and brain longevity.

From 12:15-1:00, our exercise physiologist taught a light-intensity exercise class demonstrating resistance band activities and isometric activities.

From 1:00-2:00, our chef at the cafe we have in our wellness center provided a plant-based meal (Winter Bean Soup) along with the recipe. Once everyone finished eating, I provided hand-outs on the MIND diet and provided a hand-out on supplementation based on the information from the Brain Longevity Therapy Training. (Participants loved this – it was probably their favorite part). 

Participants enjoy Winter Bean Soup.

From 2:00-3:00 they participated in a group social support session (we call it Mindful Connections) with our licensed mental health counselor.

From 3:00-4:00 they worked with me learning Kirtan Kriya for stress management. I provided our handouts on Kirtan Kriya how-to, and the Kirtan Kriya FAQ page while also discussing the highlights from the journal article, Stress, Meditation, and Alzheimer’s Prevention: Where the Evidence Stands. I also provided copies, if requested, of Managing Care Giver Stress Strategies.

Taylor teaches participants the Kirtan Kriya meditation.

Overall, we had absolutely wonderful feedback and this aligned really well with our practice’s emphasis on lifestyle medicine. It was a great day!

– Taylor Temnick


Your ARPF is thrilled to see this crucial information being taught and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Taylor for being such an important part of guiding her community to wellness. We all have the opportunity to enhance our well-being and brain health through lifestyle modifications and stress management tools such as exercise, diet, community, and meditation.

To connect with Taylor, click here.

For more information about becoming a certified Brain Longevity Specialist, please visit arpf.com. 

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