Brain Longevity in Bologna, Italy

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A group of 12 new Brain Longevity® Specialists was newly certified in mid-October 2023 in Bologna by our Italian lead trainer Alessia Tanzi (Brain Longevity Specialist, 2017) and Giovanna Calisti (Brain Longevity Specialist, 2019). This was the 6th edition in Italy, which now counts 70 certified Brain Longevity Specialists across the nation.

This pioneering training harnesses a powerful blend of yoga principles and scientific insights and aims at equipping specialists from diverse backgrounds – caregivers, coaches, yoga professionals, and enthusiasts – with the right tools to champion cognitive well-being.

All the participants were enthusiastic about the course’s unique approach. “The Brain Longevity Specialist training was a revelation” reports Barbara Gianfrate, yoga instructor and training attendee. “It seamlessly harmonizes the incredible benefits of yoga with solid scientific principles and research, delivering a holistic approach to brain health. Now, I find myself guiding a group of 35 people over 60, and thanks to Brain Longevity, I can now contribute to help them lead better, richer, more conscious adult lives.”

Gian Piero Cadei, an expert in working with yoga and eldercare, who had long explored brain stimulation techniques with elders, discovered a game-changing element in the training. “I’ve used practical games and tips before, but the addition of mantra and mudra, coupled with dynamic postures, has unlocked new doors. This holistic approach not only manages to capture their attention, but fosters a unique fascination, especially among those grappling with memory concerns. Even individuals with physical limitations find engagement, and this can truly open a new dimension in cognitive care.”

The impact of the Brain Longevity Therapy Training extends beyond individual lives, as these specialists now carry a mission to build awareness around the tangible possibilities of maintaining a resilient mind. As they spread the word and empower others to take charge of their brain health, the training becomes a pivotal catalyst for positive change, offering a beacon of hope in the pursuit of cognitive longevity.

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"Brain Longevity Therapy Training (BLTT) is a great opportunity to discover the latest practical research application of yoga, meditation, and spirituality for the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. Become a leader in the field of meditation and memory."