ARPF Joins the American Society on Aging Conference

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Brain Longevity Specialist, Mairead K., recently attended the American Society on Aging Conference in San Francisco, CA. She reported, “The conference had exhibits and presentations on three floors! People were curious about the Brain Longevity Therapy Training (BLTT) and excited about preventing Alzheimer’s as the hallmark of ARPF.

There was a wide range of exhibits on elder care, mostly dementia-related. People felt an exciting change when they found that our table focused on prevention. And to discover that there are scientifically studied ways to help prevent Alzheimer’s. Social workers and caregivers were the most curious about ARPF and how the BLTT program could be applied to their clients. People were super enthusiastic when I explained how Kirtan Kriya is one of the measures to help with Alzheimer’s prevention!”

For more information on Alzheimer’s prevention and the best tools you can use to maintain brain health, check out our online Brain Longevity Therapy Training.

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