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It can be tough to get into a different headspace when we are stuck in the same physical space. We also don’t have all of our normal ways (family, friends, events) available to disrupt depression, fear, paralysis, or stress. Indeed, it is a scary time to be a person suffering from cognitive decline, but also for carepartners and family members– we’re all in this together.

However, given this age of technology, there are still many tools available that we can use during this time of isolation and quarantine. 

Below is a list of apps that can be used to not only help pass the time, but also to enhance and progress our connection to each other during this crisis. The apps can be found through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your IOS.

GreyMatters is an interactive life storybook app for the tablet that aims to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers. Through visual reminiscence, paired with music and games, the app helps patients and families preserve yesterday’s memories, as well as share today’s joyful moments.

Iridis promotes a better quality of life for people with dementia. Made possible through a collaboration between the University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) and Space Group, the app represents a revolution in the implementation of dementia design principles in homes, workplaces, care facilities, and public buildings.

The app is a digital version of the DSDC’s research-based Dementia Design Audit Tool – meaning expert guidance on dementia design is now available at the touch of a button. Research has proven that good design enables people with dementia, and age-related impairments, to enjoy a greater quality of life and remain independent for longer.

Memory Box lets you record audio over photos to create “new” memories. This is a lidless box into which the caregiver places photos and mementos related to a person or an event. This stimulates or replaces the memories of an individual with Alzheimer’s disease.

Whether you’re an individual collecting and sharing memories with friends and family or an organization using Memory Box Stories as part of a project, the app gives you the ability to upload or take photos and record voice and sound with just a few taps of your device. 

Dementia Emergency was created by Dignity and Dementia to support emergency service personnel, family carers and front line care staff working in the community to deal with dementia-related emergencies. It includes general advice on how to approach someone with mid to later stage dementia who is anxious or upset and provides guidance on dealing with specific situations.

Life360 has many tools for everyday family living. One perk is that you can keep track of a loved one in the case that they wander off. There’s even crash detection, roadside assistance, and driver report capabilities to ensure your patient/loved one is safe behind the wheel. You can set the system so that you get notified as soon as that individual leaves the home, which is useful for those who can’t be there all the time. Having an app that uses location sharing and is able to supervise movements can be incredibly stress-relieving. 

For more information, visit Mobile Apps for Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Caregivers by Luke Pensworth. 

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