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The success behind our Brain Longevity Therapy Training (BLTT) has taken notice. Currently, we’re seeing a shift in mentalities across the world. People and institutions are becoming more open to the idea that the key to great health is attainable by our own actions.

But what does that mean exactly? Our BLTT course goes behind the scenes and teaches attendees the science behind yoga, meditation, and neuroscience. The solution to preventing, reserving, and ending Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline does not come as a quick fix. Too often is the public sold on a small miracle pill. A small pill for a small fortune with a small impact– if any at all. In fact, the greatest health can be experienced from understanding habits, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors.

In recent news, ARPF is delighted to see the UK becoming a leader in the integration of yoga into society. “The recent formation of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Yoga in Society is key evidence of this growing momentum. Heather Mason, the founder of the Minded Institute alongside other leaders within the yoga community worked together with parliamentarians to make this hallmark moment possible. The goal of this group will be to work with politicians to bring yoga into various sectors of society for the greater good of all by providing a platform for the yoga community, the health community, the educational community, the criminal justice community, the business community, and the government to join together to make yoga available to everyone in a way that honors the yogic tradition and speaks to the diverse needs present in the UK.”

In essence, the demand for this type of training is becoming greater and greater. As the science behind our work continues to be acknowledged, the more popular our program will grow. We need leaders in the domain of brain longevity to take on a developing field. If you think your career could use a boost, or if you would like to expand your expertise, this training will open many doors.

BLTT is perfectly suited for yoga teachers, therapists and healthcare providers who wish to enhance their practice and/or class instruction. As a participant, you will become knowledgable and creditable around neuroscience, yoga and the impact meditation has on the brain. Plus, you’ll walk away with practical tools you can start implementing to enhance your teaching and / or practice.

The next BLTT course is October 12-14, 2018 at the American University Washington College of Law campus in Washington, D.C.

For more information, visit alzheimersprevention.org/training or email Julie Erla, Educational Programs Coordinator, at julie@alzheimersprevention.org

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