Alzheimer’s Association Agrees: Lifestyle Matters for Prevention

 In General

Your ARPF has long believed that lifestyle – your diet, exercise habits, and outlook on life – has a big impact on your cognitive function. For almost 25 years, our research has investigated holistic Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention, including yoga and meditation, short exercise routines, and the importance of a healthy diet for both brain and body.


We’re pleased to see Dr. Maria Carrillo, the Alzheimer’s Association Chief Scientific Officer, agree with these important conclusions. Importantly, Dr. Carrillo also notes that there’s no single silver bullet cure for Alzheimer’s. Our research underscores this fact. Diet, physical and spiritual fitness and brain exercise are all important components of a healthy, balanced prevention strategy. That’s why they make up our Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention.


In 1994, our President and Medical Director, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, said: “We have to realize that the era of the magic bullet — drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease — is over. We need to take an integrative or holistic approach, like they do for heart disease. What works for the heart, works for the head.”

Dr. Carrillo echoes this sentiment, saying “Ultimately, a combination of lifestyle with a pharmaceutical will be the way we treat this disease.” We’re glad she agrees – and that’s why your ARPF’s work is more important than ever. The donations we collect go straight to supporting our research agenda. Please consider giving today to help us keep up this important work.







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