A New Scientific Paper Published About KK Meditation & Improved Quality of Life

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We are delighted to report a new article published about the following research: Emotional and Cognitive Improvement with Kirtan Kriya Meditation: A Pilot Study for Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients in a Catalan Community.
Paper Authors: Toni Cañete PhD, Gloria Borras MD PhD, Silvia Ramos, Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
Objective: Study the effects of Kirtan Kriya Meditation (KKM), an 8-week yoga program on emotional and cognitive status in participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) while undergoing Cognitive Training Program (CTP). Fifteen adults participated in the study. None had previous experience of meditation or yoga. Seven participants practiced KKM for 12 minutes every day, a weekly yoga session, and the standard cognitive training program while 8 participants only followed the CTP.
Results: Mood and cognitive parameters became normal after 8 weeks for the KKM group: decreased tension, hostility, and confusion. Depression and anxiety levels were also reduced. The KKM group improved their psycho-emotional and cognitive health compared to the CTP group. The yoga class elevated the perception of wellbeing.  
“This is a good study that once again reveals the critical importance of increasing blood flow to significant areas of the brain in subjects with memory loss. Although this was a small study, the positive change in mood, anxiety and spiritual fitness was particularly significant.”– Dharma S. Khalsa, MD
Furthermore, studies have found that chronic stress and cortisol levels through the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis are related to memory, emotional and cognitive impairment and may contribute to AD. Meditation helps balance the HPA-axis response to stress and improves cognitive function.
Kirtan Kriya has been used for different neurological disorders due to its role in:
Quality of life
Enhanced neuroplasticity
Brain health improvement
Cognitive function and memory
The decrease of negative mood
The decrease of anxiety and stress
The reduction of inflammatory response 
Recovering of gene expression & enzyme activity
This study further supports the science behind the brain-boosting effects of Kirtan Kriya. Mood, memory, and overall wellbeing has been a consistent result over the course of the studies. Kirtan Kriya is effective, safe, affordable and takes only 12 minutes a day to practice.   
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